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City Academy Whitehawk

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September 2020

Welcome to the page of our website where we will share with you information for the full opening of City Academy Whitehawk from 7th September. 


In 2017, we agreed that our mission is to provide an outstanding education for our children enabling each child to be the very best they can be. We strive to develop children’s aspirations, self-belief and self-esteem in a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment through consistently high-quality learning opportunities. This mission has never been more important. The vast majority of our children are returning to school having had sixth months away from formal education. We must be well prepared to welcome them back to school safely and with the highest expectations for what they can achieve. We will demonstrate skill, flexibility and compassion, promoting the wellbeing of all community members.


If our whole school community adopts our CAW qualities, we will thrive in the Autumn term just as we did during school closure in March through to the end of July. We will drive pupil aspiration and support them to be resilient through collaboration. Pupils will achieve personal excellence through our collective effort. We will respect each other and respect the threat that the virus poses to our community and be proactive in our attempts to limit its transmission.

Welcome Back Letter for Families

Return to CAW: Green Bubble

Here's a short video demonstrating the route to use when bringing children in to Green Bubble.

Return to CAW: Red Bubble

A short video demonstrating the route in to school for Red Bubble.

Return to CAW: Orange Bubble

A short video demonstrating the journey in to school for Orange Bubble.

Return to CAW: White Bubble

A short video demonstrating the route in to school for White Bubble.

Update for Robins and Hatchlings

Please see this update from Headteacher Mr. McMorrin about dropping your children off at the Green Gate next week.

We can't wait to see you and to welcome your children in to school. We ask that you join us in preparing the children to leave your care at the gate. Our wonderful reception team will help them on their journey in to class.

If you have older children, please then walk to their bubble queue to drop them off. You should never need to queue more than twice as sibling groups in Red, Orange and White bubble should all enter school through the gate of the youngest sibling.

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