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Art at CAW 

At CAW, we teach 3 different art skills a year including sketching, sculpting weaving and printing. We understand that art is a skill that can be developed like any other, so we use the following process to ensure children make progress in their designated art skill.


We use a cold task to assess any existing experience the children have with the chosen art skill. We then break the art skill down into smaller technique e.g. in order to sculpt effectively I need to be able to knead. Once we understand these smaller techniques, we evaluate our ability in each technique. We spend time practising these techniques to improve our overall art skill. This leads onto a 'hot task' where we use the skill to produce a piece of art - this is often displayed around the school. We then evaluate ourselves on the smaller techniques based on our hot task. As we teach this as a whole class, children receive scaffold based on which techniques they are struggling with. Here are some fantastic examples of our artwork and the process we use.




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