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Early Years

Early Years at CAW


Our mission is to provide an outstanding education for our children; enabling each child to be the very best they can be. We strive to develop children’s aspirations, self-belief and self-esteem in a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment through consistently high quality learning opportunities.


We will know we have been successful in the Early Years when:


  • Children are proud of their achievements. They enjoy overcoming challenges and understand that effort and perseverance are importantly rewarded.

  • Children have found their voice. Pupils are confident to communicate in order have their needs met as well as enjoying voicing their own opinions and ideas.

  • Children are connected in their thinking and make links between new and prior knowledge. Through this it is apparent that learning has become embedded and skills are seen as transferable.

  • Children have developed a range of skills and knowledge which not only prepare them for future academic learning but equally make them well-rounded individuals who are more aware, considerate and proactive in the world they live in.

  • Children are considerate and caring of others. The secure and meaningful relationships established in the setting reflect this. Equally the children’s appreciation of the importance of being kind and caring is also demonstrated through their polite and respectful attitude towards all aspects of school life.

  • Children are motivated and engaged in their education and show a great desire to learn. From here, children are excited and confident to embark on their next phase of school.

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