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Online Safety Week - February 2019

Welcome to our page for Internet Safety Week in February 2019. This is a really important focus area for our school and any school and we intend to post information and useful links throughout the week.


We'll keep everything up after the week as we know they'll be useful and relevant at all times of the year.


As a starter, please click below for the Safety Net poster for the week.


Online Safety - Key Words

We have really enjoyed speaking to children from across the school about how to stay safe online today. We were impressed with stories of children making really sensible online choices. We discussed these key words which will be used all week. Can your child tell you what they mean? Can they give you examples of personal information?



Keeping Safe Online

There are so many resources available online to help keep children safe. We will be posting links to lots of the best ones over the next two weeks. Today's information comes from Childline. Have a look at the website with your child - what will you do to help stay safe online?


YouTube can be a great resource for learning and fun but it also brings risks. Unsupervised access to YouTube can result in children seeing many inappropriate things. Take a look at this poster about how to get the most out of YouTube. You could have a discussion about adding restricted mode - what might be the benefits? 

Class User Agreements

Today all classes will be creating the own class internet user agreement. They will be discussing ways to keep themselves and others safe online. 


Why not take a look at this website with your child? It gives 100 ways to keep kids safe online. Is there anything you didn't know? Can you find out the top 10 Instagram facts? 

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