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Medical Information

Medical Matters


Sickness and Diarrhoea

If your child has been sick or has diarrhoea, please do not send them to school until 48hrs after their last bout.


Sun Safety

Sun safety is important for everyone but particularly for children as there is a link between sunburn in childhood and melanoma in later life.  To find out more about sun safety follow this link to the Soltan Sun Safety website


Water Bottles

Please make sure your child brings a named water bottle to and from school each day. We must remind you, we struggle to provide children with cups as these cannot be shared and are ecologically and economically a worse option than each child having their own clean bottle. Please help us to keep your child hydrated by sending them to school with a named bottle every day.


IMPORTANT - Medication in School

If your child has prescription medicines which need to be given during the school day, please be aware that the protocol for this has recently been updated.


In order to give prescribed medication we will need the written authority of the parent/carer.  We are unable to give medication which is brought in by a child - the parent/carer must come to the office with the medication and sign the consent form, a copy can also be found below.


If you have any questions please ring the School Office and speak to Mrs Howard or Miss Bennett - the number is 01273 681377.


Medical Information and Advice

Parents and carers often contact us for information about the many health issues which can arise with children.  We hope that this page will help direct you to the help you need.


Please call Mrs Howard or Miss Bennett in the School Office, our Welfare Manager Mrs Singh or our School Nurse for more detailed information and individual advice.


The links below will take you to NHS direct pages on the following matters:

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