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Maths with Parents



We are very aware that the way children learn maths today is very different to how many of us learnt maths at school. This, along with time constraints and a need for homework to be engaging and fun has lead us to Maths with Parents. 


Once you are signed up you can log in with your child, watch videos explaining what has been going on in lessons and have access to a variety of activities designed to be fun and speedy whilst supporting your children in developing new mathematical skills. You can then leave a comment for teachers to tell us how you found the activity. Children can earn bananas for their character with each film and comment they complete. 


To sign up all you need is an email address and a year group code (see below). 


Early Years


Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6



We look forward to seeing lots of you accessing and enjoying these resources over the coming months to support your children with their maths learning.




If you have any questions about Maths with Parents please get in touch, 

email  cawhomelearning@gmail.com 

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