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Mathematics at CAW 


We follow the teaching sequence outlined by the White Rose Maths Hub schemes of learning. This ensures that a coherent, consistent approach is adopted in all year groups. These provide teachers with notes and guidance on how to enhance their teaching of the subject along with key vocabulary, questions and discussion and teaching points. The White Rose Maths Hub schemes of learning reflect the content of the Foundation Stage Early Learning Goals and the National Curriculum for Maths.  


The curriculum is broken down into small manageable steps in order to ensure that each lesson has a clear focus and helps children understand concepts by following a carefully planned sequence of lessons. This avoids the cognitive overload that can occur when too many concepts are covered at once and ensures that each lesson contributes to the long-term goal. Within each lesson, children have the opportunity to acquire, practice, apply and deepen their knowledge and skills as appropriate. 


Pupils who understand concepts quickly are challenged by being offered rich and sophisticated problems to deepen their understanding. Concepts are revisited over time so that children can reinforce them and embed them into their long- term memory. Teachers have the flexibility to spend longer on specific skills or concepts if they feel it is necessary.  


We believe the majority of children can succeed learning mathematics in line with national expectations by:


  • Working in mixed ability groups
  • Whole class teaching
  • Differentiation in task design
  • Relevant resources being readily available
  • Considering next stage readiness


When introduced to a new concept, children have the opportunity to follow the concrete – pictorial - abstract approach. Concrete objects and manipulatives help them understand what they are doing. Alongside these, children use pictorial representations that can be used to help reason and solve problems. Concrete and pictorial representations then help support children’s understanding of abstract methods. 


To best meet the needs of children in Maths we adopt our Maths lessons to be taught as a whole class where our less confident learner’s tasks are scaffolded effectively to access the same content and our more confident learners are provided with opportunities to expand and master their skillset.



Challenges are designed using the theory of ‘Scaffold and Constraint’ and we rigorously adopt the pedagogical approach of ‘self-selection’. Children will be offered the opportunity to develop fluency AND reasoning in all levels of chilli challenge.


Fluency Badges


Y3-Y6 (when ready) can receive a “Fluency Badge” if they can successfully answer a specific set of age appropriate questions mentally and quickly! The purpose of this is to encourage the children to work towards a goal and to further develop the way children can lead within the school community.


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