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Mathematics at CAW 


We embarked upon our Mathematics Mastery journey in 2017-18, Mathematics Mastery is now taught from Early Years to Year 4 and will move to an additional year group every curriculum year until ultimately it is taught in every year group. 



The Mathematics Mastery teaching approach is used across many schools in the country with great success and we can report that our first cohorts have demonstrated improved achievement, not only in their attainment and progress but in their Speech and Language, due to the principles’ dependence on communicating in full sentences. This great practice is in line with our school-wide commitment to improving children’s language understanding and application.



We employ Mathematics Mastery teaching principles for Years 5 – 6 too during our Maths Meetings. These happen on most days of the week and are short sessions that are used to consolidate key areas of mathematics in each class. Maths Meetings provide an opportunity to teach and revise 'general knowledge maths' which may not explicitly be covered during the maths lesson, and also allows the daily integration of maths into the surrounding environment. This means that pupils are practicing concepts and skills on a regular basis, meaning they are continually building on their mastery of these concepts. One maths meeting a week should be devoted to teaching a multiplication table, with an emphasis on teaching strategies for finding unknown multiples.        


This year, teachers in Years 5 to 6 will continue to teach in line with the White Rose coverage expectations. Our learning opportunities are underpinned by challenging task design, leading to improved fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Children demonstrate their progress during a unit of learning by comparing the outcomes of their ‘Pre-Assessment’ and their ‘Post-Assessment’. This term children will be making progress in Place Value, Addition and Subtraction and Multiplication and Division.



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