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Paragon at City Academy Whitehawk 



As part of the Aurora Academies group, City Academy Whitehawk uses the Paragon Curriculum to develop children’s understanding of the world and human history.


Every year is a journey through time; beginning in prehistory and ending in the present.


Each year group takes a different route on this journey, visiting a wide range of countries and cultures.


Their explorations are guided by key questions designed to deepen their understanding of the human world and its many cultures and civilisations.


Information about what is happening during each half term can be seen on the Paragon display by the front office.



Throughout the year, children will experience exciting and engaging learning through a range of different lessons including written work, art, music and drama. 


Also, at the beginning of each unit, a set of optional homework will be sent home providing children, parents and carers the opportunity to engage in leaning together. This may take the form of writing, model making, art work and many other creative activities.


Finally, one of the unique aspects of this new curriculum is that each unit of work ends with a Paragon Event. This is an afternoon when children invite their parents and carers into the class to share what they have been learning. This may be in the form of a shared activity or sometimes a performance. We look forward to seeing you there!

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