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Kites Closure March 2021

Hello Kites!


Please take a look at our Remote Learning Provision for the next two days! We hope you stay safe, healthy and engaged in your learning! 



CAW Online Learning Expectations


So that we can learn online:


I will listen when my teacher is talking. Stay near to your laptop/tablet so that you can hear your teacher.


I will be on time. Get your laptop/tablet ready before your session is going to start. Sit at a table and have some paper and a pencil with you. Your teacher will start at the time you have been given.


I will be respectful. Take turns to speak or ask questions. Click on the raise hand button and wait for your teacher to give you a turn to speak. If you want to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ click on these buttons.


I will be kind. Think before you send messages. Is this true? helpful? necessary? kind?


I will be ready for learning. Wear appropriate clothes and try not to have breaks during the session e.g. having a drink or going to the toilet.


If possible please can you wear headphones to help prevent distractions during the lessons! 


I agree to these terms and continue to CAW live lessons by

Clicking Here

See you back at school on Thursday and bring your learning back with you!

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