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At City Academy Whitehawk we believe passionately in the importance of developing a love for reading whilst ensuring that all children develop the skills they need to become confident readers of quality texts with a deep understanding of the written word.


Reading in EYFS and Key Stage One

Our children's journey in reading begins in our Early Years and Key Stage One classes where children are taught using the Read, Write, INC phonics programme. Children are taught a progression of sounds, their corresponding graphemes and how to blend together with the help of Fred the frog. Once children can confidently blend they are introduced to storybooks which they will read three times in class before they bring home to share. Please see the two leaflets here for more information about reading at home using the programme: 

Please see the section below for more on Read, Write, Inc.


Reading in Key Stage 2


Children in Key Stage 2 are taught reading using the Reading Reconsidered strategies for teaching. Children in every class read the same quality text with their teacher. The children are expected to write their first responce to a question, discuss their ideas with their peers and then to revise their answer to the question. The books that each year group will read can be found in our English Curriculum overview which can be read here:

Accelerated Reader Programme

All children in Years 3-6 follow the accelerated reader programme.  An explanation of which can be found at the bottom of this page.


Our Harry Potter themed library is available for all children to use throughout the school day, enabling them to change their books and to quiz when ready. Specially selected student librarians are on hand at lunchtime to help others in their book selection.

Read Write Inc at CAW


Each year at City Academy Whitehawk we invest heavily in the Read, Write Inc programme for Early Years, Year One and Year Two in order to make sure our teaching of phonics and reading is the best it can be. We are very excited about the opportunities this will give children to become confident and fluent readers by the end of Key Stage One.


Every child will be regularly assessed in phonics and reading and grouped accordingly, they will meet Fred the frog who sadly can only talk in sounds and will be taught to blend sounds together out loud and then in their heads to allow them to read unfamiliar words. The children follow a progression through different coloured books which match the phonics sounds and blends they have been learning in class. Children will bring home books to read with you once they have been read in class. The books contain sounds, green words and red words to practise as well as the story/non-fiction text to read.


If you would like any further information about Read, Write Inc please don't hesitate to contact our Read, Write, Inc at CAW, Mr. Faers.

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