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Key Stage 2 Reading

KS2 Reading at CAW 


To best meet the needs of children in Reading, we use a set of teaching principles outlined in Reading Reconsidered by Doug Lemov. At CAW, Reading is taught as a whole-class from a high-quality text and aims to enable children to forge futures as lifelong readers. Children are taught in a low-threat, high-accountability environment, where all children are enabled to be successful readers in their own right. We will accelerate pupil progress through the teaching of challenging novels and complementing and supplementing this reading with a skilful use of linked texts and non-fiction.


For independent reading in the classroom, we use Accountable Independent Reading, an approach that helps ensure that independent reading is accountable and of high quality. For students reading aloud, we use Control the Game: a subtle engineering of how you call on students to read aloud in a way which ensures that not only the primary reader but all readers are benefiting. For more information on these principles, see below.


Non-fiction is taught alongside the main text in order to assist with pupils’ comprehension and to enable deeper analysis of key themes. Children should also have access to more resistant complimentary texts alongside the class book. See below for more details.



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