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We are moving onto a new Maths topic: Measurement! Today we are looking at mass (the amount of substance in an object)...



FIRST: Watch this video. See if you can pause it and answer the questions about the mass of the objects!



NEXT: Complete this worksheet. Remember to check the intervals on the scales!


LAST: If you feel like a challenge have a try at these sheets too! 


Keep practising telling the time using whatever clocks you have at home!



*Log onto Maths With Parents for an activity*



A non-fiction text all about hedgehogs!



FIRST: Speed Read! Like we do at school, give yourself 2 minutes to read this text as speedily as you can. You then have 1 minute to cover the text and write down whatever you have learnt.


NEXT: Re-read the text at your own pace. Look up any new words using dictionary.com


LAST: Try some of the questions on page 2. Challenge: write your own tricky question for someone to answer!


Science 07.05.20

Do you remember our last Science topic all about healthy bodies? 



Making our healthy pasta was so fun! Your Science challenge today is to plan a balanced meal - choose breakfast, lunch or dinner! Make sure you tick off all the important food groups. You could use what you already have at home for inspiration, or design an imaginary menu with other ingredients!



Writing 07.05.20

For today's writing we are going to use an amazing website called Pobble. Sometimes we use these types of pictures and questions for morning work at school.


New York is falling!

FIRST: Click here and read the story starter on page 1. How does the picture make you feel?

NEXT: Have a go at continuing the story using the questions on page 2 to help with ideas.

LAST: Pick an activity from page 3,4 or 5 to complete. You could use your uplevelling skills that we've worked on for the 'sick sentences' challenge!


Spelling 07.05.20

Practise these spellings: height, history, imagine, increase, important

FIRSTLook at the word and read it. Say it out loud (try saying it a couple of times in different silly voices... this helps you remember it!).

NEXTCover the word and write it.

LASTCheck your spelling. If you didn't get it right, here are some fun ways you can practise:




We would also like to recommend an online resource for all your children (Rec to Year 6) to use during lockdown. Some of our teachers are using it with their children at home - it's amazing!

Sir Linkalot is an award-winning spelling app that is revolutionising how to spell hundreds of tricky words, all the way from Was, They and One up to Fulfil, Manoeuvre and Onomatopoeia. It is not solely for spelling. It also covers the whole technical requirements of English, i.e vocabulary, homophones, punctuation, grammar, rules and patterns. Sir Linkalot is kindly giving all parents and schools FREE access during lockdown to enable children of all ages to practise at home. Once you have downloaded it from the App Store - search Sir Linkalot  (there's a small problem with Androids at the moment - unfortunately), tap on the log icon (for 'Log in') at the top right, clicking on ''Have an access code?''. The word 'Free' is both the username and password. You can also view it on a laptop or PC. Type in the browser itself (not a search engine) app.sirlinkalot.org and follow the above instructions (the log icon is for 'log in'). There is also a daily (Mon - Fri), 15 minute spelling show at 2pm that can be accessed via this link  https://vimeo.com/41107595


Paragon 07.05.20

Our Paragon topic is the Arctic! Pick an activity from our home learning grid.

Watch this video to learn about the beautiful Northern Lights that can be seen in parts of the Arctic. Have a go at doing your own Northern Lights artwork using pencils, pens, paint or chalk!


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