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Thursday Home Learning - 07.05.20

Thursday Home Learning - 07.05.20

If you missed it last week...


We would like to recommend an online resource for all your children (Rec to Year 6) to use during lockdown. Some of our teachers are using it with their children at home - it's amazing!


Sir Linkalot is an award-winning spelling app that is revolutionising how to spell hundreds of tricky words, all the way from Was, They and One up to Fulfil, Manoeuvre and Onomatopoeia

It is not solely for spelling. It also covers the whole technical requirements of English, i.e vocabulary, homophones, punctuation, grammar, rules and patterns. 


Sir Linkalot is kindly giving all parents and schools FREE access during lockdown to enable children of all ages to practise at home. 


Once you (and anyone else) has downloaded it from the App Store - search Sir Linkalot  (there's a small problem with Androids at the moment - unfortunately), tap on the log icon (for 'Log in') at the top right, clicking on ''Have an access code?''. The word 'Free' is both the username and password.


You can also view it on a laptop or PC. Type in the browser itself (not a search engine) app.sirlinkalot.org and follow the above instructions (the log icon is for 'log in').

There is also a daily (Mon - Fri), 15 minute spelling show at 2pm that can be accessed via this link  https://vimeo.com/41107

Writing - 07.05.20


How did you get on with the start of 'Kevin the Koala Who Could'? It's time for the second part of the story where Kevin starts to meet some different animals. The next part of the story goes like this:


Kevin the Koala Who Could - 2nd Part


On Monday, Wilma the Wombat asked Kevin to come down and play. He couldn't let go. On Tuesday, Jack the Joey shouted for him to come down. He wished he could.



Have a go using the story map to write the second part of the Kevin the Koala story. Remember that days of the week have a capital letter and remember your 'ed' word endings!


Maths - 07.05.20

Today we are going to add some numbers beyond 20 together. Remember that when a number has 2 digits - the first digit is how many tens and the second digit is how many ones.


When we add a 2 digit number and a 1 digit number, (if they add up to less than 10) we only need to add the ones together and the tens stay the same! So if try 56 + 3 then I know that 6+3=9 so 56+3=59. Take a look below...



At home you could use an object for your tens and an object for your ones. You could even make your own groups of ten with pencils or straws. Have a go at these equations using your own objects.

Reading - 07.05.20

An author is a person who has written a book. The author of the book 'Kevin the Koala Who Could' is called Rachel Bright and she has written lots of books. Today we are going to read another book she has written called 'The Lion Inside'. You can read it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlfDD3gYZ_0.



  • How many rhyming words can you find in the story? 
  • What happened at the start of the story? What happened in the middle? What happened at the end of the story?
  • How many words can you find to describe the mouse?


Paragon - 07.05.20

In Australia, there is a special way of painting that is called dot painting. Instead of using the 'brush part' of their paintbrush, they create a picture using the 'stick end'. You dip it in the paint and paint lots of dots to make a picture. Here are some fantastic dot painting pictures:



Can you have a go at creating your own dot painting picture at home? You can use a paintbrush, q-tip or even a pencil. You could paint an Australian animal or a different picture you would like to do! I can't wait to see them!


Science - 07.05.20

Can you remember what a deciduous tree is? What is an evergreen tree? This week we are going to show what we have learned by making a picture of these types of trees! Have a go at making a picture of a deciduous tree in each of the seasons and a picture of an evergreen tree in each season!



Computing - 07.05.20

I have loved seeing all of the emails you have been sending to me and to each other. 


I have responded to all of the emails you have sent me and sent another one with a picture I have drawn for you of me.


Can you send me an email back with a picture you have drawn? Click at the bottom of the email to paint a picture and put it in the email. Here's a reminder of how to use 2email.


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