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Monday Home Learning - 11.05.20

Writing - 11.05.20


How did you get on with the second part of 'Kevin the Koala Who Could'? It's time for the third part of the story where Kevin during the week meets some more animals. The next part of the story goes like this:


Kevin the Koala Who Could - 3rd Part

On Wednesday, Peter the Platypus called for him to uncling. He was worried. On Thursday, Woody the Woodpecker tap tapity tapped on the tree. 


Have a go using the story map to write the third part of the Kevin the Koala story. Remember that days of the week have a capital letter and remember your 'ed' word endings!


Maths - 11.05.20

I hope you enjoyed adding numbers beyond 20 together. Now we are going to be subtraction numbers beyond 20 from each other. Last week we had to remember that when a number has 2 digits - the first digit is how many tens and the second digit is how many ones.


When we are subtratcing we need to remeber the numbers get smaller. So our answer to an equation will not be bigger than the numbers being subtrated from eachother.


When we subtract a 2 digit number and a 1 digit number, (if they add up to less than 10) we only need to subtract the ones and the tens stay the same! So if try 56 - 3 then I know that 6-3= 3 so 56-3=53. Take a look below...



At home you could use an object for your tens and an object for your ones. You could even make your own groups of ten with pencils or straws. Have a go at these equations using your own objects.

Reading - 11.05.20

An author is a person who has written a book. The author of the book 'Kevin the Koala Who Could' is called Rachel Bright and she has written lots of books. Today we are going to read another book she has written called 'Love Monster'. You can read it at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIva59P4HiY



  • How many different ways did he search for love?
  • How did he feel when he couldn't find love?
  • Why did the story change ?


Paragon - 11.05.20

Last Thursday you learn that in Australia, there is a special way of painting that is called dot painting. Whereby, instead of using the 'brush part' of their paintbrush, they create a picture using the 'stick end'. I hope you enjoyed having a go. For this week, we are going to learn the art skill of dot paint in steps. I would like you to watch this clip to help you with the steps to creating traditional aboriginal art.


I would like you to experiment with using an earbud as a paint brush. Then, try to apply more pressure to the earbud or light touches. I would like you to test how many dots you can do before the paint runs out.





Science - 11.05.20



For Science this week we are going to be focusing on the structure of a tree. First have a listen to this video about how beneficial trees are for us and what the different part of the tree does.

Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I7u5FMQxHA

Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEfhofqob7o



I would like you to have a go at drawing the diagram of the tree.


Computing - 11.05.20

This week I would like you to create a character by drawing him on  ‘2Create a Story. Now you have been on here before but do explore and familiarise yourself with the features of this app. Once you have explored and draw your character give him a name and think about introducing your character such as ‘Hi my name is Stuart.’ or in a story type context ‘ Stuart the Snake has green scales.’ We will be creating a story around your chosen character so think careful about who you pick and design.



Remember you want to press ‘My Story’ as it offers your more features to explore.



Press this icon to create a background.



Press this icon for a ready made background.



Here is an example of my introduction of my character.


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