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Home Learning for Thursday 7th and Friday 8th May (VE Day)

Hi everyone! Hope you are all happy and finding lots of interesting things to do! We know that it is VE Day on Friday - that is Victory in Europe Day and that it happened 75 years ago! There is VE Day word search and also some bunting that you might like to make on Friday to put up around your home. Can you find out some facts about VE Day?  Hae a look at Newsround:




We continue working on the Rhino Swan Zebra Cheetah!


Today you can try some guided writing - answer the questions  to write about a real creature.  The next step will be to write your own story - but we shall be doing that on Monday.


For the rest of the week we are continuing with learning the time! 

Hopefully by now you have made your own clock, or have one at home that you can use to test yourself on!



Here is another worksheets to have ago at, and remember to look at Maths with parents for more maths activities. 


Here is your chance to find out about something that you are interested in yourself.

Do you want to be a photographer?

A journalist? A scientist? A carer? An explorer? A games designer?

Follow the steps to researching, writing and  entertaining the family!

Get some ideas from kids ted talks:



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