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Wednesday 10th June

Have you been joining in our online lessons? Lots of Greenfinches and Goldfinches have been LOVING taking part. This is what they say about it:


"I love online learning! You get to speak to teachers and friends and take part in fun challenges. We can write messages to ask questions and share answers. I have enjoyed learning new things, especially geography". Isaac


Luna: ‘Maybe I love it, I like hearing my teachers but I’m a bit nervous but then I get excited and I get all jump aroundy!’


Faelan: ‘I like it it’s really nice I get to learn and get new ideas like tiger paw print cookies!’


A special congratulations goes to Jacob O who made this incredible video after learning about the environment with Miss Bowden on our Electa Lessons. Everyone at school is very proud of the hard work he has put in. Go Jacob! Watch his brilliant poem here:

Climate change Animation Jacob O

Look out for a special announcement about exciting new lessons that are going to be added to the teaching timetable.


Maths: Mr Faers is teaching a maths lesson on Friday on Electa and Miss Stiles will be teaching maths on Electa next week. See the CAW Live Lesson page for more information. I strongly encourage children to join in on these lessons!


If you are unable to access this then you can learn about measuring in kilograms.

Thursday – Watch this video to learn about how to read a scale

Using a Scale - Kilograms

And this video to learn about different scales, including those of grams. 

Measure weight in grams and kilograms

Once you are feeling confident with how this works, have a go at this fun measuring game



Friday – Re-watch the videos and play the game again for practice. You could have a go at measuring things on your kitchen scales if you have them! Sometimes they are tricky to read. Then have a go at this challenge for kilograms and this one for grams

There are some helpful questions on the challenges for adults to ask too! The challenges get harder as they go through each document. Here are the answers, kilograms and grams Good Luck!

Writing: I'm really enjoying working through the booklet. I hope you are too!


Thursday – page 11. Here you get a chance to write about the information you just found out. I would love to know what topics you have researched – please email them to me at homelearning@caw.brighton-hove.sch.uk ! I chose to do climate change – what do you think about my example?


Friday – page 12. Excitingly today is the day you plan your own explanation text! What are you going to choose? I can’t wait to read them. Remember to think carefully about audience. Who is your writing for?


Page 11 - my research  Page 12 - my plan


What do you think about my ideas? What is good? What could be better?


Reading: We are going to be reading a story called Buster’s Blitz on Purple Mash. It’s an interesting story about a dog during war time. You will learn lots about the war by reading this book. The writing is quite tricky for Year 2 to read so give it a go but it’s okay if your adult needs to help you. Try to answer the questions by yourself though! Here are the questions for Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 in PDF if you prefer to answer them this way.

Paragon: Here is a lesson about the war and the special medals they gave out. I can’t wait to see what you learn and what you choose to put on your medals!

Science: We are learning all about healthy eating and living over the next few weeks. Open this document to have a lesson about food groups and red, amber and green foods. 

What are the food groups?

The 5 Fabulous Food Groups

Food Groups - Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Protein & Dairy - The Kids' Picture Show

The Healthy Eating Song

This is one of the challenges you will do!



Computing: Over the next few weeks we are going to learn to make our own quizzes on Purple Mash. Follow this lesson to get started!

I hope you enjoy this learning and don't forget to email me at homelearning@caw.brighton-hove.sch.uk or send me a message on Purple Mash! From Miss Scozzafava

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