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Thursday Home Learning - 14.05.20

Writing - 14.05.20

How did you get on with the third part of 'Kevin the Koala Who Could'? It's time for the fourth part of the story where Kevin might come down from the tree but you'll have to read below to see. The next part of the story goes like this:


Kevin the Koala Who Could - 4th Part


Down came the tree with Kevin still clinging ! Then he closed his eyes and looked at all his friends looking at him. 


Have a go using the story map to write the third part of the Kevin the Koala story. Remember that that names always  have a capital letter and remember your 'ed'  and 'ing' word endings!


Maths - 14.05.20

I hope you enjoyed subtracting numbers beyond 20 together. Now we are going to be revisitng adding but this time we are using our number bonds to 10 and regrouping to the closest 10 to make are equations easier to solve. When we are adding we need to remeber the numbers get bigger. So our answer to an equation will  be bigger than the numbers being added together. 


When we add a 2 digit number and a 1 digit number, (using our number bonds to 10) we only need to add the ones and to make the number to the closest ten !  So if try "46 + 7 = " I can first think about my number bonds to 10 to change 46 to 50. So I know that 6 + 4 = 10 so, 46 + 4 =50 and  7-4=3. Therefore I now only have to add 50 + 3 = 53. Take a look below...First using the part part whole model, I would using objects from around the house separate my whole which is 46 into 40 and 6. It is here we can add the ones.


Reading - 14.05.20

I hope you enjoyed the 'Love Monster'! This week we are going to listen to my favourite book called 'The Last Noo Noo' by Jill Murrphy.

Click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXDK0be85es 




After you have listened try and answer these questions: 

1) What did say about how he looked with the Noo Noo in his mouth? 

2) Where did Mummy put Marlons Noo Noos ?

3) Where did Marlon hide his Noo Noos? 


Paragon - 14.05.20

Today we are going to make a fact file on aboriginal culture and people. 

First I would like you too listen to a few clips and then write down some facts your have remember but do go back and watch again to help you. 





Include a picture as well. You can use this fact file template to help. 


Science - 14.05.20

On Monday we looked at parts of a tree and drew a diagram. Today we are going to be thinking about what plants need to grow and what parts of the plants use these elements to help them grow and why. 




First watch this flip about what plants need and why. Then we will be drawing and labelling our tree diagram. 

Click here: 





Computing - 14.05.20

Today we are going to start our story on ‘2Create a Story. Now I hope you have created you character and given him/her a name.Thinking about your introduction like mine on Monday ‘ Stuart the Snake has green scales.’ Will you be now introducing a new character or a new place or he finds something. Follow the steps below to help you get back to your work (always remember to save). 



Remember you want to press ‘My Story’ as it offers your more features to explore.



Press this icon to create a background.



Press this icon for a ready made background.



Here is an example of how I have developed my story. See how many pages your can do!


First to change the page you need to press this icon for a fresh page. My page 2 of my story. 



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