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Home Learning Offer

Robins' Home Learning Offer


Hello everybody! This page will be updated on Mondays and Thursdays during the school closure with home learning activities. We will also be using our online journal tool, Tapestry to share learning via video and photo. Please scroll down to see our updates. The most recent homework will be displayed at the top of the page.


We hope you are keeping safe and well at home and can't wait for you to come back to school. If you would like to keep in touch please share your photos and videos on Tapestry for us to like and comment on. 


Take care,
Miss Rackham and Miss Jones

Useful Links


Phonics Play
A free website to practise phonics skills.


Username: march20
Password: home



Log into your Tapestry account to see our handwriting videos and other challenges!


Please take photos and videos of what you get up to at home. We would love to see what you have been up to and comment on your posts!

Please email admin@caw.brighton-hove.sch.uk if you need support in logging into your account.

Youtube Stories

Hi everyone! We are so pleased to have lots of you back at school with us! As we have returned to school we won't be uploading online learning anymore but for those who are staying at home we will be sharing some online special stories with you instead. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Miss Jones and Miss Rackham will share a video of them reading one of their favourite stories to you on our school youtube channel. 


To find our Youtube stories...

Youtube Search: Reading to the Robins 


Here's a link to our first story. We hope you enjoy it. Please like it if you do!

Reading to the Robins - Aliens Love Underpants

Supporting Letter Formation

Hi everybody! A few people have been asking for some help in forming their letters and avoiding reversing them. Please see the Sound Mat we use at school. It has the letter formation rhymes on which will help you to learn how to write all of the letters. At this age it is really common to reverse your letters. If you do reverse them, practise saying the rhyme and correcting your formation lots of times.

Homework Update 18.06.20

Hello Robins! Well done to everyone who has been joining in with us for our Special Stories week on Electa Live. Join us everyday at 9:00am for a fun-filled session! Please see below for today's home learning update.


This week we have been thinking about the 'oo' sound in our Electa Sessions. Follow this link to watch Geraldine the Giraffe get up to some 'oo' mischief!

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /OO/

Maths Meeting
Have you been missing our maths meetings? We know we have! Follow these links for some of the songs we love to sing during our Maths Meetings at school!

3D Shapes Song | Shapes for kids | The Singing Walrus

The Singing Walrus presents "3D Shapes Song" - an upbeat, funky music video that shows various three dimensional shapes. Join our characters as they learn 4 ...

Days of the week - Adam's Family (Dr. Jean)

Months Of The Year Song

Homework Update 15.06.20

Hello Robins! We hope you are all keeping well. We are so excited for our Special Stories week on Electa Live. Tune in everyday at 9:30am for a story-based Electa. Not only will we be reading stories but we will also be doing fun maths, art and phonics based activities! We hope you'll join us. Please see below for this week's Electa timetable and for today's home learning update.


This week we'd like you to focus on your understanding of 'special friends'. Special friends are two letters which when they are sat together in a word work together to make a new sound. For example, 's' and 'h' make two different sounds but when they are together they become special friends and maket the 'sh' sound. See below for some 'special friends' focused activities.

Can you practice working out the first sounds, middle sounds and end sounds in these words? Here are some fun phonics activities and games to help you.

Read Write Inc Reading Books
Follow the link to access lots of RWI texts to read! We recommend starting with Book 1 to warm yourselves up before working through the other books. If you have read Ditty Books at school, you might want to use the Ditty Books as your starting point but you can use the earlier books as quick revison tools. Remember to practise reading your Red Words before having a go.




Electa Live Sessions


Hello Robins!


We wanted to say big well done to everyone who has been joining in with our Electa sessions. We have been having so much fun learning with you. Next week is our last week of Early Years electa sessions so we are going to do Special Stories week. We will be running five sessions across the week at 9:30am. Please see the timetable below. We have chosen some of our favourite books to share with you as well as some fun activities. Please join us! 


Best wishes,


Miss Rackham and Miss Jones



Homework Update 11.06.20

Hi Robins! We hope you are all keeping well. We have been very impressed by the children who have been joining n with our Electa Live sessions and those who have been sharing their home learning with us. We are very proud of you all. Please see below for today's homework!


Maths - Doubling
We use the Doubling Butterfly to help us double. We know that butterflies are symmetrical.
This means, “They have the same things on their wings!” 


However many dots we draw on one side of the butterfly, we must draw the same amount on the other side. This is called doubling and we can write this in a number sentence too!


Have a go at these butterfly doubling sheets and then have a go at drawing your own!

We know that this is a tricky time for everybody and it can make us feel sad when we miss our friends. Watch this video to help you about the think of different ways that you can show your friends that you care while we cannot hug.

While We Can't Hug

Homework Update 08.06.20

Hello Robins! We hope you've had a good week enjoying the sunshing and then keeping dry from the rain! We are still amazed by the children who have been completing the home learning and Electa Live learning tasks which have been set on Tapestry. We love your updates. Please see below for our learning update.


Sentence Writing

Have a go at these scrambled sentences! Choose a picture you like, can you read the words, work out the sentence and write it! Don't forget your finger spaces!


Try to complete these number sentences? Look at the numicon, can you use your number bonds?

Minibeast Crafts

Try out these brilliant bug craft activities! Can you use the information on the Minibeast sheet to learn some more about these creepy crawlies?

Homework Update 04.06.20

Hello Robins! Wow, what a hot week we have had! We hope you have had fun enjoying the sunshine if you have been able to. We have been very impressed by the children who have been completing the additional Electa Live learning tasks which have been set on Tapestry. It is wonderful to see the effort you have been putting in. Please see below for our learning update.


Phonics Games
Have a go at these games below to practise your reading skills!


Help a Hedgehog: https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/helpAHedgehog/index.html


Garden Leaves: http://www.literactive.com/Download/live.asp?swf=story_files/garden_leaves_US.swf


Reading 'sh': https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvq9bdm/articles/zhg8gwx



Have a look at these Rainbow themed activities. 

Keep smiling!

PE: A Message from Mr Chick


Sussex Virtual School Games - Can we beat St Mark's?


Why not try competing against other schools, like St Mark's, in the Sussex Virtual School Games? This is a sports challenge that you can do from home and then give in your scores to see if we can do better than other schools. So far there have been hockey, tennis, football and gymnastics activities. The new challenge for this week (week beginning 1st June) is netball and basketball!


Sign up at https://www.activesussex.org/virtual/ to find out what the challenges are and to submit your scores!


Currently St Mark's are way ahead of us, as more of their school are doing the challenge and have scored more points! This week, can we all give it a go and beat them? That would make Mr Chick so happy!


If you want to send a picture of you doing a challenge, send it to our school email address homelearning@caw.brighton-hove.sch.uk.


Good luck and thanks for representing City Academy Whitehawk so brilliantly!


Mr Chick 


Homework Update 01.06.20

Hello Robins! We hope you are all keeping safe and well. Please see below for today's learning update. We have loved seeing all of your fantastic home learning on Tapestry. Well done for putting in lots of effort.


Healthy Ice Lollies
As it is so hot and sunny at the moment we thought it would be a nice idea to make some ice lollies. Click below to find our recipes, we;ve found a strawberry one and a banana one! While you make your lollies, see if you can answer some of these questions:


Why does it freeze?
Why is it healthy?

Would the lollies stay frozen if you left it on the sunny window sill?
Should you eat ice lollies everyday?


Take a photo of your creations and write your answers to the questions in the comment box! We can't wait to see them, yum yum!

Sound Hunt
It's time to be a detective... Hunt around your home or outside to find objects which begin with these sounds (m, a, s, d). Use the sheet to write or draw the things you find! Perhaps you'll find a mug, an ant or even a sock!


Pencil Control
Practise your pencil control with these activities. Make sure to use froggy fingers! Remember pinch it to pick up and then flick over the top!

Homework Update 21.05.20

Hello Robins! Well done to everyone who has been joining in with Miss Jone's Electa Live sessions this week. It has been so much fun reading lovely stories and practising our phonics. Tune in tommorrow morning (22nd) at 9:30am to join in with some fun math activities! Next week is the half term break so we have included lots and lots of activities to keep you busy, our next update will be the 1st of June. Make sure to scroll down to see our phonics, maths and holiday activities! Stay safe and keep smiling!


Have a go at these activities to practise your writing skills. Have a try at the phoneme frames before trying out the sentence writing activities. The sentences have been made for you so your adult can read them out and you can have a go at writing the sentence and finding the matching picture. Remember to rehearse the sentence aloud lots of times before writing and Fred Talk each word as you write.

Tricky Red Words
These words which we cannot Fred Talk. Instead we have to learn them by recognising them. Have a go at reading them, copying them and then writing them from memory.

Teen Numbers
This week we would like you to explore your understanding of teen numbers. The big idea we have learnt this year is that, whilst teen numbers are written with 'a 1 at the front', we know that the '1' actually represents 10. Tia Ten is so cheeky and likes to hide in the teen numbers! Cheeky teen numbers!

Teen Numbers Song

Numbers in the Teens (Have a Group of 10) A place value song for kids! Check out hip songs & videos for the K-2 classroom! www.harrykindergartenmusic.com Q: ...

Making Teen Numbers with Numicon
Print a few copies and cut out the numicon shapes. Can your order them? Now can you find the 10 piece? Work through the teen numbers using the 10 piece to make each number e.g. 10 + 4 = 14. Can you stick them down and number them? Now try finding different combinations to make the teen numbers!

Homework Update 17.05.20

Hello Robins!
Wow, what a week! Well done to everyone who has joined in with our Electa Live online learning sessions. It has been so wonderful to hear your voices and see you getting involved with our stories and maths activities. We are really looking forward to our next week of sessions with Miss Jones. Tune in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30am for the Robins' sessions. If you haven't signed up but would like to have a go, please don't hesitate to message us on Tapestry or contact the school office directly.

Keep smiling, Robins. We hope to see you all soon.


Number Formation
Lots of children have been really enjoying practising their number formation and asking for more ways to practise! Download and print the Ten Town formation frames. Remember to say the phrase as you form each number to help you remember how we write them!

Holiday Activities
See below for some fun activities you could try to keep yourselves busy over the break. As always, we'd love to see any learning or fun activities you try on Tapestry.


Fort Building
IKEA have made some great instructions on how to make some fun forts at home. Perhaps you could build one and cosy up inside with a torch, a book and your favourite snack!

Nature Activities
Why not try some of these activities to keep you busy? There are lots of fun things to try!


My Changing World
A booklet to help children in understanding Covid-19 reassure them not to worry.

Here are some online stories to keep you occupied!


A story for primary aged children about coronavirus

If you finish all of these activites, try out some things from this workpack.

There are educational, fun and crafty ideas for you to have a go at!

Book of the Week - Room on the Broom


Watch the short film. The witch has a lovely new broom at the end of the story. Can you now design a fantastic house for the witch and all her friends to live in? Think about all the different rooms and objects each character would like. A swimming pool for the frog? A cauldron in the kitchen for the witch? Take a photo of your beautiful design and share it on Tapestry. Don't forget to try your best to Fred Talk when labelling!


Create a new potion that the witch can use to make the new broom. What ingredients would be needed to make it? Write a recipe for your potion and then have a go at making it! Remember to ask a grown up to help you choose some things together for your potion.


Get spooky! Could you dress up like one of the characters from the story? Why not try acting out the story for your family?


In the story a 'terrible beast' protects the witch from the nasty dragon. What might the dragon want to say to the 'beast'? Can you draw the dragon and write a speech bubble of what it might say?


Where should the witch and her friends travel to next on their broom? Can you create a collage of your chosen destination? If you are able to go for a walk, why not have a look for things you could use! Perhaps they could travel to the beach and you could find some small pebbles to include in your collage? Or perhaps they could visit a forest? Twigs and leaves might be a good find!


Electa Live Maths Session Update 15.05.20

Hello everybody! Thanks so much for joining our second Electa Live learning session. It was so much fun practising our maths skills. For those asking for the Ten Town number formation phrases, please find the link below which takes you to the Tapestry post. Alternatively, type in 'Learning Update 25.03.20 Ten Town Numbers' into the Tapestry search bar and the post will come up. It shows Miss Rackham saying and writing each number.

Homework Update 14.05.20

Hello lovely Robins! We hope you are having a good week. Miss Rackham really enjoyed seeing some of you for the live online learning! Please see below for today's learning update.


Egg Boxes Caterpillars
Have a go at cutting, painting and decorating your very own caterpillars! Why not upload a photo of your own to Tapestry!


Don't forget to show us your brilliant home learning on Tapestry! 


Keep checking the website Home Learning page for more activties.


Have a go at writing these sentences and sounding out these words!


Homework Update 11.05.20

Hi Robins! Happy Monday, we hope you've enjoyed the sunny Bank Holiday Weekend. Please see below for today's learning update.


Book of the Week - The Highway Rat


Watch the short film. In the story, the Highway Rat steals from others around him. Can you make a 'wanted poster' for the Highway Rat? What will he look like and what crimes will you list that he has done. To start with, perhaps you could try writing the sentence, "He is a bad rat."


At the end of the story, the duck becomes the hero. If you were a hero in the story, what would you do to stop the Highway Rat? Could you draw a picture of yourself as a hero and label it?


What did you think of the story? Did you like it or dislike it? Write a sentence or two as a review of the story.


We know the Highway Rat isn't very kind. Can you draw around your hand and label it with five things you should do to be kind?


Can you write an apology from the Highway Rat? Start your letter with 'to' and have a go at writing a couple of sentences from him. Perhaps you could start your sentence writing by having a go at the phrase, "I am a bad rat. I am sad and am sorry."


Don't forget our Electa online learning session on Wednesday 13th at 9.30 with Miss Rackham!


Why not try some yoga, meditation or zumba for fun! 


Kids Yoga

Kids Zumba

Mindfulness Meditation

Homework Update 07.05.20

Hi Robins! Well done to all of you who are working hard and keeping busy at home with your learning. We're very proud of all your efforts. We're very excited to begin our online learning sessions with you. It will be so lovely to hear how you are all doing and have some fun completing some activities with you! If you are able to please head down to school to collect your study pack. The packs contain playdough, whiteboards and other fun things which will be really useful for our online learning sessions. Please ring the school office if you require assistance with this.


For this update we'd like you to get your number brains in gear! Have a go at some of these challenges. If you are feeling really keen for an extra challenge, have a go at the sheets titled 'challenge'. Remember to use 'whisper counting' if you complete the counting socks in pairs challenge. Well done, Robins. Keep smiling!


Don't forget to also keep checking the home learning page to see some extra ideas Mr Chick and other teachers would love you to have a go at!

Homework Update 04.05.20

Hello Robins! How are you all doing? We hope you are keeping well. It has been so lovely seeing your super Tapestry posts and messages. We've also seen that some children have been using their 'Maths With Parents' accounts and completing the challenges set on there. A big well done to all of the children getting involved! Stay safe and keeping smiling, Robins. We hope to see you all soon!


Book of the Week - The Snail and the Whale


Watch the short film. Choose one of the places that the snail and the whale visit. Can you draw a lovely picture and label it with reasons to visit like an advert?


In the story, the whale gets stuck on the beach. Can you write a letter to the school children asking for their help to save the whale? Maybe you could have a go Fred Talking 'push him back' or 'get him help' to write your first sentences.


The snail and the whale travel across the ocean to visit many places together. Can you draw or paint a beautiful picture of the ocean and label it with things you might see or hear? (splash, fish, boat, shark, whale)


Imagine you were the snail in the story. What would you pack in your bag for the journey? Can you write a list of everything you would take? If you're feeling really super could you try describing your items e.g. big red hat


If you could go an adventure on the back of a whale, who would you take with you? Can you make a lovely invitation card for this person? Remember to use 'to', 'from' and a little message inside inviting them!


Homework Update 30.04.20

Hello Robins! How are you doing? We are missing you all very much! Please see below for our learning update. Telling the time is a really important life skill. This week we'd like you to try some of these 'measuring time' challenges. We hope you have fun! Take care little ones. We hope to see you soon!


Measuring Time Challenges
When you brush your teeth, try different ways of timing 2 minutes. You could use a sand timer, a stopwatch, a kitchen timer or ask a grown-up to help you to use a clock.

Challenge a friend or grown-up to a 1-minute challenge! Use a stopwatch (a grown-up might have one on their phone), sand timer or clock to time 1 minute. See how many jumps, stretches, star jumps, hops or other actions each person can do before the time runs out. Who can do the most?


Play a game of hide and seek. When you are counting, whilst other people hide, try counting slowly to 10 or 20. Does this give the others enough time to hide? How could you give the others more or less time?

Ask a grown-up to help you to make a simple recipe. You could make some cakes, biscuits, jelly or ice lollies. Once you’ve finished, you will need ask the grown-up to put the food in the oven, freezer or fridge. Use a timer to measure the time that it takes for your food to bake, freeze or cool. You could use a noisy kitchen timer to help measure the time until your food is ready!


Spelling App - Sir Linkalot
We would like to recommend an online resource for all your children (Rec to Year 6) to use during lockdown. Some of our teachers are using it with their children at home - it's amazing!


Sir Linkalot is an award-winning spelling app that is revolutionising how to spell hundreds of tricky words, all the way from Was, They and One up to Fulfil, Manoeuvre and Onomatopoeia


It is not solely for spelling. It also covers the whole technical requirements of English, i.e vocabulary, homophones, punctuation, grammar, rules and patterns. 


Sir Linkalot is kindly giving all parents and schools FREE access during lockdown to enable children of all ages to practise at home. 


Once you (and anyone else) has downloaded it from the App Store - search Sir Linkalot  (there's a small problem with Androids at the moment - unfortunately), tap on the log icon (for 'Log in') at the top right, clicking on ''Have an access code?''. The word 'Free' is both the username and password.


You can also view it on a laptop or PC. Type in the browser itself (not a search engine) app.sirlinkalot.org and follow the above instructions (the log icon is for 'log in').

There is also a daily (Mon - Fri), 15 minute spelling show at 2pm that can be accessed via this link  https://vimeo.com/411075959


Homework Update 27.04.20

Hello Robins! How are you all doing? We've been thinking of you all. We'd like to say a big well done to the children have been posting some of their wonderful home learning on Tapestry for us to see. It has been fantastic to see what creative things you have been getting up to and that you are having fun as well! Please see below for the homework update:


Book of the Week: Zog


Watch the short film, Zog. What skills did Zog have to learn at dragon school? Write a list of the things he had to do.


In the story, the princess dreams of being something else when she grows up. Can you write and draw a dream for yourself for when you have grown up? What do you want to be and why?


Imagine flying on the back of Zog. What would you see while you were up in the air? Can you draw some pictures and label them? Perhaps you could write a simple sentence to explain further!


Imagine a destination you could travel to with Zog. Can you write a postcard to your friends/family back home about your travels? You could label some things you have seen or write a sentence or two!


Zog's super power is being able to fly. If you could have a super power what would it be and why? Download the superhero template and decorate and label. Tell us why you have included each part of your outfit. We can't wait to see them on Tapestry!

Why not try making a picture of yourself using lots of things you can find in your house, garden or on a lovely walk! We would love to see your creations on Tapestry! 


You could also have a go at making your own paint and paintbrushes! Try out the ones in the picture or make up your own. The homemade paint only has 4 ingredients. You could store it in a bottle and save it or just use it all up straight away on some beautiful paintings. Show us your creations!

Homework Update 23.04.20

Hello Robins! Wow, the sun is really shining this week! It is really starting to feel like summer now. This week, we thought you might enjoy practising your skills by playing some games. Please see below to download and print off some of these games for you and your family to play together. We'd love to see you having fun so please do share some of your photos on Tapestry. Thinking of you all. Stay safe and keep smiling.


Balloon Number Matching
Cut out the balloons and numbers. Share out the number cards between the players. Turn all of the balloon cards face down. Take turns to turn a card over to match to one of your numbers. Who will make all of their pairs first!

Monster Guess Who
Cut out the funny monsters and choose a colour, purple or blue. Purples begin by secretly choosing one monster. Hold this card in your hand and don’t let your partner see. Blues lay out your monster cards face up and use questions to find out which monster your partner has chosen.


Your questions could be: Does your monster have spots? Does your monster have wings? Is your monster green?


Based on what your partner says, turn over your monster cards until one remains facing up. Your partner can now reveal their monster. Did you guess it right?

Finding Treasure Reading Game
Cut out the coins. Choose a coin to have a go at reading. Decide if it is a real or a fake word and sort them into the either the treasure chest or the bin. How many words can you sort? Remember to use your Fred Talking skills!


If you are feeling really super have a go at this game titled 'CHALLENGE'. Make sure you read carefully, lots of these words contain 'special friends' sounds. (That's when two letters join together to make one sound like 'sh' and 'th')

Homework Update 20.04.20

Hello Robins! We hope you have a lovely Easter and that the Easter Bunny paid you a visit! It is tricky to keep busy during this unusual time so we thought we would share some of the fun things we got up to over our Easter holiday.


Miss Jones made some delicious chocolate chip cookies for her family! They were so tasty that her sausage dog tried to eat one too! Cheeky, Arnold! Miss Jones also took her new puppy, Flo, for a walk in the sunshine and had fun decorating and celebrating one of the Robins' birthdays at school. How lovely!


Miss Rackham baked an Easter cake for the shopkeepers on her road. It looked rather tasty until the chocolate bunnies melted in the sunshine! Oops! Miss Rackham also had a go at the 'Run 5, Donate 5' charity challenge and enjoyed eating lots of Mini Eggs to refuel afterwards!
As always, stay safe and keep smiling. We hope to see you all soon!


Please see below for this week's home learning update.

Book of the Week: The Gruffalo


Watch 'The Gruffalo' on BBC iPlayer.
Can you remember some of the words used to describe him? Can you retell the story?


Throughout the story, the mouse talks about the Gruffalo's favourite food. Can you write a food menu for a Gruffalo Cafe? Maybe you could serve one of your family?


What would you say if you met the Gruffalo? Can you draw a picture of you and the Gruffalo and write in a speech bubble what you would say?


The Gruffalo film link:


Create your own Gruffalo! Draw or make your very own monster. Can you use your phonics skills to label your creature? Why not take a video of you talking about your new furry friend or a photo. Please share your learning with us on Tapestry!


Watch the story again. Do you notice any rhyming words? Can you join in? Why not practise writing some of those words or try performing the story!

Homework Update 02.04.20

Hello Robins! We hope you are doing well. We'd like to say a big well done to all of the children who have been sharing their home learning on Tapestry. We have been very impressed by your hard work and creativity.


Please see below for today's learning update. We miss you and hope to see you soon!


Have a go at these activities to improve your phonics skills. If you are feeling really super why not practise your reading skills by completing the 'matching pictures to captions' activity challenge!

Have a go at practising your addition skills. Remember to cross out the objects as you count!
Fine Motor
Have at go at completing these pencil control activities. Remember to use the correct pencil grip which we refer to as 'froggy fingers'.

Homework Update 30.03.20

Hello, Robins! We hope you're keeping safe and well at home. Please see below for today's home learning update.


Washing Up Bowl Potions
What magical mixture can you create in a washing up bowl today?
Perhaps you could include some of these things:
fairy liquid
food dye
rice crisipes!

Tell us all about your wonderful creations by taking a photo or video for your Tapestry account! Could you write a sentence or label your magical mixtures?


Hoop to Group Challenge
Recently at school we learned about how to group and share using our helpful phrase, 'Use the hoops to make some groups!".


Log onto Tapestry to see Miss Rackham demonstrate how to use this method. What fun things can you find around your home to share into groups? Take some photos and videos of you sharing into groups for us to like and comment on. We love to see your super learning!



Homework Update 25.03.20

Hello Robins!
We hope you are having a nice time at home. Please see below for this week's learning update. Please make sure you log onto Tapestry and share what you have been getting up to! We love to comment and like your photos and videos.


Practise your phonics and fine motor skills!

Log onto Tapestry to watch the Miss Rackham practise writing her numbers by using our Ten Town number rhymes!


Have a go at writing your numbers, making a 2D rocket picture, finishing a pattern and ordering all of the numbers from 1 - 20!

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