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Home Learning Monday 20th 2020

We do hope that you managed to have a break and get out a little bit over the Easter holidays.  Miss Glaser and I really miss teaching you all and hearing your news! There are new PURPLE MASH challenges, which we both have loved giving you feedback on. A huge well done to those who have been doing so well at the TODOs and have been replying to my comments! I can assure you that I have been reading them and they shed a little bit of light on my day. Do try these so that we can stay in touch! Also have a go at the 2Email!  This week you will need to visit MathswithParents, to remind yourselves of long multiplication methods. 



Here are some multiplication questions for you to have a go at.  There is a challenge for all and some successively harder challenges for those who wish to have a go.  I have included a times table square for you and some First, Next, Last reminders. 

Please also find the 21 times table facts that you need to know up to 10 x 10.

Watch the Mathswithparents for a reminder. 

Reading and Writing

This week we are working on a talk for writing text from Pie Corbett, who is the man behind Talk or Writing!

Here is the first part, which I think you will find really good fun: there is a film clip to start you off


Have a look at this - find out why ice is slippering and do some painting at the same time. 



We are continuing to learn how to convert fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions.

You can use all your learning strategies!



There are two tasks:

One is creative. 

The other is persuasive.



For this part of the week, we have set you some great stories to read and some comprehension questions.  You can find those here. Also go onto 



are allowing children free access to online books  during the closure. Follow the link.

2nd April

Log into Purple Mash and search for 2Email.  Herons, you will find an email from Ms Glaser and Barn Owls will find one from Miss Briggs. In it, we explain how you can keep in touch with us and also with the children in our classes during the closure. A letter has also gone to your parents, who may speak with you about how to be safe on line. I know that you will have a lot to tell them!



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