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Monday Home Learning - 04.05.20

Monday Home Learning - 04.05.20


Mr Chick would like to remind you about an exciting bit of PE you could all try at home...


Want to represent CAW in a virtual sports competition? Sussex Virtual Games is a weekly competition where you are set 4 new challenges in a sport. You can complete these challenges in your house/flat and send in your scores. It will keep you active and if lots of children from CAW do it we can see if we can beat other schools in Brighton!


If you want to join in please visit https://www.activesussex.org/virtual/


The first challenges are announced on Monday 27th April from 9.30am, after a Virtual Games opening ceremony.


This is a brand new initiative in Sussex that hopefully will be a good addition for children staying active at home.


Writing - 04.05.20


We are going to learn a new story in Writing! This story is called 'Kevin the Koala Who Could'. It is about different Australian animals.


Today we are going to learn the start of the story which is called the introduction. The story goes likes this...


Kevin the Koala Who Could


In Australia, there lived in a koala called Kevin. All day he would cling to a tree. He was too scared of the ground below. It was too uncomfortable, too untidy and too unusual.


Here's the story map to help you learn the story. Remember each picture shows us a word of the story. Use the story map to write the introduction of the story.



Maths - 04.05.20

In Maths, we are going to learn how to add numbers that equal more than 10. Remember that when you add two parts together, they equal the whole. We can use a part-part whole model to help us with this. They look like this...



Get 15 objects together. You can use anything you like e.g. pasta, cubes or toys. Put some of them in 1 part (1 red box) and the rest in the other part (the other red box). Count how many in each e.g. 9 and 6. Move both parts into the blue box and count out 15. Say your equation e.g. 9 + 6 = 15.

How many different equations can you make that equal 15? Write them all down!


Reading - 04.05.20

To help you with your writing this week, listen to the story 'Kevin the Koala Who Could'. You can listen to it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FGMHKaxjrQ.



Have a go at these questions:


  • Where does Kevin live?
  • Which different days of the week are there in the story?
  • Who does he meet? What are their names?


Paragon - 04.05.20

Australia is full of lots of different animals that we don't have in our country. Pick an animal and try to make it. If you have a printer, try to make one of them

at https://www.eslphonicsworld.com/crafts/australian/australian-animal-paper-crafts.html.

Can you tell me 5 different facts about your animal?


  • What is your animal called?
  • What does your animal eat?
  • Where in Australia does it live?
  • What does it look like?

Here's an example:




Science - 04.05.20

Although some trees can tell us which season it is, evergreen trees can trick us because they keep their leaves all year round. Some trees are deciduous trees and some trees are evergreen trees. Learn what that means at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty6XEk64Cg0.


When you next leave the house, have at the look at the different trees you can see and decide whether they are deciduous or evergreen.



Computing - 04.05.20

In Computing this week, we are going to try a trickier program that your grown up might need to help you with. It is called '2email' and I have sent it to all of your 2dos. 


With this program, you can send me and any of your friends in your class messages to see how they are getting on. I have sent you all an email too!


Click on new email to open up an email and type who you would like to send it to in the search box. Have a look below if you're still not sure!


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