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Maths 25.06.20

Today we are going to be continuing our work on angles and lines... but today looking at perpendicular lines!




First - what are parallel and perpendicular lines? Watch this video to see! Missing our groovy songs and funny dancing at school? I loved having a little boogy to this song about parallel and perpendicular lines! Can you copy the lines symbols with your arms?


Next - have a go at this sheet - can you spot the perpendicular lines? If you're feeling like a have a go horse, you could even label what the other lines/angles are!


Last - complete this sheet. Then, have a go at drawing parallel lines on this sheet!


*Challenge* - If you're feeling like a real learning lion then compare the maps on San Fransico and London here. Remember, you're doing Maths learning so make sure you're looking and comparing the lines and angles.


Writing 25.06.20

First - let's recap adverbs! First, spot the adverbs on this sheet. Next, improve these boring sentences by adding in adverbs. The sentences still might seem a little boring.. can you continue to uplevel them?


Next - let's practise the possessive apostrophe!  Watch this video to recap:



Remember, possessive apostrophe's are used when the noun (thing) belongs to somebody. E.g: The children's birthday party. 
Reilly's golden compass.
The park's slide was broken.
Have a go at this worksheet on possessive apostrophes!


Last - complete page 13 of your talk for writing booklet. Today you'll be writing your innovated, new explorer story... using all of the ideas/plans/sentences you have written up to now. Could you create a toolkit before you start of all the things you need to include?

Reading 25.06.20

Our class text would have been Emil and the Detectives by Erich Kastner! Here is a link to a reading of the whole novel.



First – listen to chapter 4 ( from 27:35 - 42:08 minutes). It's a long one! If you think you'll pay attention better, listen to half on one day and half on another! Could it be your story time before bed?


Next - click on this link where you will be able to download a PDF of Emil and the Detectives. The icon to look for looks like:




Have a go at reading the first page of chapter 4 on this sheet and answer the questions.


Last – Log onto Purple Mash and click on ‘Serial Mash’. Continue looking at Diamonds, Emerald and Sapphires, thinking about your AR reading level and picking a book that looks interesting to answer questions on. You could even email me or your friends using 2Email with Purple Mash book recommendations!


Spelling 25.06.20

Begin working through this spelling list again! Some English spellings are really tricky and the only way to get them in our brain is to practise practise practise!


Here are some fun ways you can practise:




Science 25.06.20

This week there was a very special day: Summer Solstice!



First - Research what is summer solstice? Why is it special or celebrated? Newsround is a great resource to use!


Next - Can you draw your own diagram like the one below (you can do a much simpler version!) and explain why the day is the longest day on Summer Solstice?



Last - have a look on google for some different summer solstice activities. These can range from silly things like putting sunglasses on in your home, or more creative ones like creating the sun in different ways! How many summer solstice activities can you do?


*Challenge* - when I was looking for summer solstice activities, I found this one! If you have the resources at home, why don't you make a solar oven with your grown ups and try and make some smores using the suns powerful UV rays?!



Paragon 25.06.20

Today we are going to combine our knowledge of renewable energy and sketching to create a stunning sketch of the Brighton Windfarm! 



FIrst - Remind yourselves of how wind turbines work and what you learnt about Brighton Windfarm.


Next - We are going to be improving our sketching techniques by thinking about these words:
- perception
- outline and shape
- shading 
- texture 
Can you watch this video and copy the different techinques along the way? Also, here's a video on how to create perception!


Last - Using the technqiues you've just practised, have a go at sketching the Brighton Windfarm. You might decide to find your own picture and sketch something different, but make sure it has perception in it (things far away and things closer), so you can practise this skill!

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