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Week 2 - Monday Home Learning - 30.03.20

Writing - 30.03.20

We found a new creature this week! What did you find? Can you make a fact file with information all about your creature on it? Use this template to help you!


Maths - 30.03.20

In Maths this week, we are going to be learning about the mass of different objects. The mass is how heavy something is. Some objects are 'heavier' and some are 'lighter'. A balance scale shows us which one is heavier because that side goes down. It shows us which one is lighter because that side goes up.


Have a go at this worksheet and work out which is heavier and lighter.


Reading - 30.03.30

Today's story is all about a creature called 'The Lorax'. Watch this video to have the story read to you. 


Don't forget to try a reading activity for the story!



Paragon - 30.03.30

This week in Paragon we will be learning all about the continent of Asia. Can you remind your grown ups what a continent is? Do you know any of the countries in the continent of Asia? Have a look on https://www.google.co.uk/intl/en_uk/earth/



Can you colour in Indonesia, China and India on our map and label them?


Science - 30.03.30

This week in Science we will be learning about the five senses. Can you find out what the five senses are? 



Here are some fun sense activities you could try:


  • Can you use your sense of taste to work out what something is without looking?
  • Can you listen to a sound clip and work out what it is?
  • Can you look at something really zoomed in to work out what it is?
  • Can you smell something in a bag to work out what it is without looking?
  • Can you feel inside a bag and work out what it is without looking?


Computing - 30.03.30

We are going to be maze explorers on Purple Mash this week by using the program '2go'. It has all been sent to your Purple Mash accounts as 2do and looks likes this!



Rememeber to click on the trophy to try the different challenges on 2go. Can you have a go at the first four challenges and see if you can get all four trophies?



If you beat these four challenges, can you make your own challenge by picking a background and choosing where to go?

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