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Monday - 15.06.20

Writing - 15.06.20


This week we are going to focus on what we have learnt previously and the show it off in a peice of writing on Thursday. 


Full stop's go at the end of a sentence.


Capitals letters at the start of a new sentence and for name of people and places. 


I know you all know these by now but during our story based on the 'Koala who could' we used the suffix 'ed' and we used 'ed' when we are talking about an event or action that has already happened (see ed). 


Have a go at changing these word from present to past and past to present. 


Walk ---> 



Looked --->

Stepped --->

Swimming --->




What do you notice about all these words?


Maths - 15.06.20

This week we are going to revise the value of each coin we have learnt so far. 

This week we are going to look at the £2 (two pound) coin and £5 (5 pound note). 

So £2 (two pound) is worth two £1 pound coins and £5 (a five pound note ) is worth five £1 coins. 


I would like you to listen to the money song and then answer these questions:


1) Which coin has the greatest value? How do you know?

2) Which coin has the least value? How do you know? 

3) Which coin has a greater value, a 20 pence coin or a one pound coin? How do you know?

4) Which coin is worth less than the two pence coin? 

Reading - 15.06.20

This week are going to look at some new books that are about being brave and bold. This book is called 'Say something' and I hope you enjoy it. 



Paragon - 15.06.20



This week we are looking at Brighton which is where we live . We are going to focus on three historical sites in brighton and learn about why they are important. 

First I would like you to pick on to draw then on Thursday we are going to be learning about all of them and picking one to write about. 

Science - 15.06.20

This week in Science we are going to go further and learn about mammals. Now remind yourself of what mammals are with this video.

What are mammals? | Primary Biology - Animal Types

But did you know there are so many different types of animals but mammals have such a range of differences. So within the group of mammals. I would like you to find out:


1) What is the tallest Mammal? 

2) What is the smallest Mammal? 

3) What Mammal lays eyes? 

4) What Mammal doesn't lay eyes?

5) Which Mammals swim in water? 

6) Which Mammals are herbivores ? 

7) What Mammals fly? 


You can use this video to help you answer these questions !

Computing - 15.06.20

This week in computing we are going to be desiging our own animal using our Science knowledge of Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores and their characteristics. As well as, the characteristics of the animal groups such as reptile, bird, fish, amphibian and mammal.So we will be drawing and then describing our new animal invention. 


As an example, my animal will have small teeth, eats plants but has scally skin, it gives birth to live young and is cold blooded. So my animal is a mixed between a reptile, mammal and is a Herbivore. 


I can not wait to see what you invent ! 


First go on to Purple Mash. 

Next click you ToDos


Last in create a story - invent your own animal and describe it in the text box using your typing skills!


Always remember to click save so we can see your inventions. 

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