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Autumn 2 Update!


We started our writing work by writing some great poetry about Camels at an Oasis. This linked into our paragon work. We then learnt a story about a camel caravan, journeying along the Silk Road and facing a dangerous sand storm. The children are now writing their own stories about an adventure along this dangerous path. We have improved our skills of using fronted adverbials and writing speech correctly in stories. 




This half term we have been working really hard to develop our addition and subtraction skills. We have also been working on explaining what we are doing and why we have made those choices. Many of the children have been working hard on their maths home learning which has been to learn the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. This is going to be very important when we start working on multiplication and division skills next week. We have been having competitions on the hit the button game on the Ipads to see who can recall the tables facts the quickest!




We started this half term with a science week.  Our topic was states of matter, and the children investigated solids, liquids and gases.  The children were able to define what solids, liquids and gases were, and describe the different ways their particles behave.  We had great fun in the hall pretending to be the particles.   We then experimented with ice cubes to look at reversible changes and had great fun melting chocolate and observing what happened when we reversed the process.  The hardest part of the week was eating the chocolate rice crispy cakes we made during an experiment.



The children have been on a journey along the Silk Road this half term.  We have researched what the Silk Road was, why it came to be and how cultures where changed as a result of the traders travelling between countries.  We have thought about the difficulties traders would have faced on their journeys by considering the different geographical places they would have passed through, and looked at some of the ways they made their adventures safer.

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