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Monday Home Learning - 18.05.20

This week there will be two uploads before the 'half-term break'. We won't be uploading learning next week but check out our Thursday upload for lots of ideas of fun activities to keep everyone busy over the break. 


If you would like to take part in our Electa Live Lessons and have not yet signed up or would like to know more, please call the school office to get signed up or ask any questions.


'My Changing World' is a brilliant resource that will help you to learn and talk about how you are feeling with all the changes that are happening at the moment. Remember that it's okay to be finding it tricky and it's okay to talk about it too! 

Writing - 18.05.20

Are you ready for the last part of the Kevin the Koala Who Could story? I wonder how it ends...


Kevin the Koala Who Could - Part 5


Slowly he unclung claw by claw. He felt springy, light and happy. All the animals asked him to play again. He replied "Yes I can!"


What a brilliant ending! Can you have a go at writing the ending of our story? Don't forget the 'un' prefix and the 'y' grapheme at the end of words like happy. 



At the end of our story, we show that Kevin is speaking by using punctuation called speech marks. They look like this:



The first set of speech marks come before what your character is saying and the second set comes after what they have said. Can you have a go using them?


Maths - 18.05.20

As lots of you have recieved clocks in your home packs, we are going to learn about time this week! If you don't have a clock at home, you can use https://www.visnos.com/demos/clock

Today we are going to be learning how to read and draw o'clock times on a clock. Remember that a clock has a longer hand called the minute hand and a shorter hand called the hour hand. 

Whenever the minute hand is pointing at the number twelve, it is an o'clock time. You can look at the number that the hour hand is pointing at to find out which o'clock time it is. I can tell the time is 5 o'clock on the clock below because the minute hand is pointing to the 12 and the hour hand is pointing at the 5.



Can you have a go at these worksheets? Match the times to the different clocks and then draw the time on the clocks with no hands.



Reading - 18.05.20

Sounds are very important in helping us to read words. This week we are going to practise some phase 3 sounds.

If you aren't sure how to make each sound, here are some videos to help you:

ch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcDo7dczpRA

ee- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=du3incCU6Xc

ai - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDzpV3jFefs

Now can you have a go at these worksheets? Use those sounds to write and read words!

Paragon - 18.05.20

A lamington cake is an Australian cake that is covered in chocolate - its delicious! This week I'm going to teach you how to make one. 

Before I give you the instructions,  we are going to learn some baking skills - remember to wash your hands! As this is just a practise, you might want to use water to save your ingredients. Practise these 3 skills so you're reading to make a lamington cake on Thursday:


  1. Sifting - we sift to remove any lumps from ingredients like flour, you can find out how to do it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMpZzSFdDz0
  2. Whisking - we whisk to make ingredients fluffier, you can find out how to do it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFoMyddv1p0 You can just use water to practise!"
  3. Mixing - we mix ingredients to put them all together. Here's a picture!



Science - 18.05.20

Now that we know lots about plants and trees, we are going to have a go at an experiment to see it in action. All you will need for tihs experiment is the end of a celery!

Follow the instructions at http://www.housingaforest.com/regrowing-celery/ 

I would love to see pictures of how they look!



Computing - 18.05.20

As we start to use more grown up programs on Purple Mash, it becomes more important that we can use the keyboard to type words. This week we are going to practise how quickly we can type different letters on the keyboard with some fun games. 



Can you be the quickest? How many points can you get in 2 minutes?

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