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Spring Term Update!

In year 4, we have had great opportunities to do a variety of science experiments to help build our knowledge of States of Matter. We are able to identify solids, liquids and gases and the key parts of the water cycle. In paragon, we have been learning about the Middle Ages, especially the Battle of Hastings. We know that the United kingdom is a country in Europe and that we live in East Sussex. We have being creating a Battle of Hastings dance in PE, including attack and retreat freeze frames! We have been working on our sketching skills and how to sketch our very own creatures. Writing is linked to The Middle Ages and Beowulf, which was one of our complimentary texts in Reading. We have written monster feature tetrarchy’s, mystery narratives and a wanted poster for a monster slayer. In maths, we have continued to work on our multiplication and division skills, using column method and the bus stop method.

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