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Home Learning Offer Thursday 14th and Friday 15th May 2020

Dear Childen

We do hope you are all well and staying safe. We are seeing some of you in school and we are seeing many off you on Purple Mash and it was fantastic to see so many more  of you joining in with the online learning yesterday! Do keep joing us and below you will find so many great things to learn and try Best wishes from Ms Glaser and Miss Briggs.



I do hope that your Rhiswanozebtah stories have gone well and I can't wait to read them! You can now send your work to Ms Glaser or to Miss Briggs at this email address Just write the teacher's name in the subject line.


Today and tomorrow, I have a lovely task for you! It is all about a brid called Piper. i have given you very clear First, Next, Last instructions. I think you will really enjoy some short and brilliant writing tasks

There is also a prefix task anyone that would like a challenge!

I hope you enjoyed adding decimals this week! For the rest of the week we would like you to learn to convert decimals into fractions. 


First - Follow this link. Click on 'week 1' and go to 'Lesson 2 - Decimals as fractions and after Lesson 3 - Decimals as fractions'.


Next - Start by watching the short video explaining the maths to you. 

Last - Have ago yourself by completing the worksheets attached. 

Geography and PSHE

How did the science experiments go? Do you have any pictures to send us?


Geography Today and tomorrow you can learn all the countries in Europe wiith this map activiity.  You already where the home of the Reaissance is!


PHSCE - you will find an activity booklet to read with your parents about Covid -19.  It is a good opprtunity to share your feelings about our changed- for-now world.

This weeks maths topic is ... adding decimals! 

First - follow the link below to the whiterose website and watch the short video under 'Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April)'. 

Please complete lesson 1 - Lesson 1 - Adding decimals within 1 


-Lesson 4 - Adding decimals crossing the whole. 

Next - Watch the video provided for each lesson. 

Last - Complete the questions attached. 


On Monday and Tuesday, you can finish up the RISWANOSEBTAH task by planning on Monday and writing your own creature fact file on Tuesday!

You can even make your own booklet and draw your multi special creature!

Homophone work

We know that homo means same in latin, and phone means sound - words with the same sound and different spellings. There is an introduction to read and three levels or challenge! If anyone wants to find out about more word families, look at this site: http://www.magickeys.com/books/riddles/words.html

Science fun!

Would you like to make a magic rainbow?

or a lava lamp?



You will also understand what is happening1

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