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Maths 29.06.20


Let's carry on looking at parallel lines today. Remember, parallel lines are lines that never meet. If you carried on drawing them forever they'd still never touch!


First - decide which of these pairs of lines are parallel, then have a go at spotting the parallel lines on this sheet 


Next - play this parallel lines game with somebody! If you don't have a dice click here, or you can download a dice app on a phone/tablet.


Last - here are some more challenging parallel and perpendicular problems to try. 


*If you want even MORE parallel lines work, have a look at this activity involving flags of the world!*

Writing 29.06.20

First - spot the mistakes in these sentences and rewrite them correctly. There are a lot so don't feel like you need to do them all! The errors are mainly grammatical so watch out for wrong tenses and missing words.



Next - 'otherwise' and 'although' are great conjunctions to extend our sentences. Complete this sheet, deciding which one makes the most sense for each sentence. 


Last - complete pages 15-18 of your talk for writing booklet. Today you'll be reading some instructions and then planning some of your own!

Reading 29.06.20

Our class text would have been Emil and the Detectives by Erich Kastner! Here is a link to a reading of the whole novel.



First – listen to chapter 5 ( from 42.08 - 54.50 minutes). It's another long one! If you think you'll pay attention better, listen to half on one day and half on another! Or you could try reading it whilst listening at the same time.


Next - click on this link where you will be able to download a PDF of Emil and the Detectives. The icon to look for looks like:



Have a go at reading this page from chapter 5 on this sheet and answer the questions.


Last – Log onto Purple Mash and click on ‘Serial Mash’. Continue looking at Diamonds, Emerald and Sapphires, thinking about your AR reading level and picking a book that looks interesting to answer questions on. You could even email me or your friends using 2Email with Purple Mash book recommendations!



Spelling 25.06.20

Carry on working through this spelling list again! Some English spellings are really tricky and the only way to get them in our brain is to practise practise practise!


Here are some fun ways you can practise:




Science 29.06.20

Let's look at another light source... the moon!



First - watch this video to learn a little bit about the different phases of the moon. 


Next - recap the video with this powerpoint, then choose one of these sheets (they go from easy to difficult) to label the moon's phases.


Last - here is a fun oreo cookie moon phase activity to try at home! 


Paragon 25.06.20

Let's finish off our learning about renewable energy today...



First - have a go at these renewable energy challenge cards! If you don't know how to answer a question, try googling it!


Next - try this renewable energy quiz


Last - using this sheet, see if you can design your own form of renewable energy! Think about what will create your energy, draw and label a diagram and think about the advantages (good parts) of using it!

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