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Monday - 01.06.20

Monday - 01.06.20


Hello Year One, 

I hope you have a lovely 'half term' break. I hope you had ago at the activities and enjoyed them.

Thank you for sending in pictures of you taking part in Mr Chicks challenge!

This week we are going to be starting some new topics which I can not wait to share with you. 


Writing - 01.06.20


We are going to carry on with the Kevin the Koala Who Could story! Now that we have learned it and chosen our own ideas for the first part of the story. We are going to have a go at creating part 2 of our story.


Remember that we can use the original story but change different parts (in the white boxes) to make our own story!


The second part of Kevin the Koala goes like this...


On Monday, Wilma the Wombat asked Kevin to come down and play. He couldn't let go. On Tuesday, Jack the Joey shouted for him to come down. He wished he could.

I have put boxes over the parts we are going to change:


On Monday, _____ _____ ______ asked ______to ______ _____ _____. He couldn't let go. On Tuesday, ____ _____ _____shouted for him to _________. He wished he could.

This week we are thinking about two new characters and what Percy needs help with?


Maths - 01.06.20

This week we are going to focus on adding and subtracting numbers beyond 20 using our part part whole model. For today we will be focusing on reading maths problems and using a part part whole model to represent the problems before we solve them.


As an example: 


This is my problem which I need to represent in a part part whole model. 


Claire walks 42 steps and Harriet walks 16 steps. How many steps do they both take?

My part part whole model needs to have 42 as the whole and 16 as one part. I need to solve what the other part with me to make 42. 


So I now know, I am using subtraction to solve my word problem. 42 - 16 = 26.

Reading - 01.06.20


I hope you have been praticing your phonics! This week we are going to listen to a new story. You may of heard of this story before but I would like you to write down and draw how it might end differently. So listen carefully and pay attention to the details.



1. Who keeps taking Rapunzels hair? 

2. What does the witch get for Rapunzels hair?

3. Who make friends with Rapunzel? 

4. How does Rapunzel escape from the tower? 


Paragon - 01.06.20

New topic this term we are going to focus on the UK where we live! 



We all live in the country England! The other countries in the United Kingdom are Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Here is a song to help you remember.

UK Geography/ UK Country

Please watch: "Types of Clouds" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsH7QU7mKIc --~-- Download the Kids Learning Tube App here for an ad-free viewing experience:...

I would like to you to make your England flag!



Also, label it with England on the front!


Science - 01.06.20

This term we are going to be look at animals again! Lets remind ourselves of the five animal groups we have learnt about. 



Today we are going to focus on Amphibians!

What do we know about Amphibians ?

Here is a link to help remind you. 

Amphibian Song

The Amphibian Song is part of the Animal Song By Have Fun Teaching. The Amphibian Song teaches kids about Amphibians. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https...

I would like you to create your own knowledge poster of what an Amphibian is. This will help other people learn about Amphibians. 



I want to see drawings and labels. As well as, three key facts use the ones above to help you. 


Computing - 01.06.20


Well done on praticing your typing. We are now going to use your skills to type up an 'All about me' information text. I want you to write about yourselves. 


Include What you like to do? Who your friends are? What are you really good at? What do you need to improve on in school? Also, think about some personal things such as :

What your favourite colour, animal, toy and person is in your family and why? 


As an example: 


My name is Miss Bowden and I am not very old. My favourite colour is green and yellow. I love my pet pug dog. I like riding my bike. I enjoy walking to the beach when it is rainy and when it is sunny. I am really good at drawing. I need to improve my writing and spelling. I want to get better at running. 


First log in to Purple Mash and then check your to dos for '2publish'. Then start writing. I can not wait to read all about you! 

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