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Thursday 18th June

Please read post about Electa Online Lessons below. 

Before you start your challenges for this week have a watch of this video. A man called Mark Rober makes an incredible squirrel ninja obstacle course! You will love it!

Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Here are your challenges for this week – enjoy!


Maths Thursday – Miss Stiles Live Lesson about multiplication on Electa Live


If you can’t access this lesson use this website to learn a times table. By the end of Year 2 children should be able to count in 2s, 5s, 3s and 10s and also be able to recall times table facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times table. Choose a times table you are not confident with and practise, practise, practise! https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button (Hint: Hit the answer is slightly easier than hit the question)


Friday – Now you’ve had a chance to practise your measuring you need to estimate how long things are. This means looking at something and (without a ruler!) making a sensible guess as to how long it is. Write that down and then measure it with a ruler…were you right?! You can do this challenge or just make a list of things around your home (that you didn’t measure on Wednesday) and write down an estimation and the real length!


Thursday – p.14 Rainbow word challenge. This was a lot of fun to do – I hope you like it too! I wonder how silly the words that you make up will be. PLEASE send these to homelearning@caw.brighton-hove.sch.uk I know they would absolutely make my day! My favourite one I came up with was outpaper, I think it is a good invention!



Friday – Read pages 15 and 16 which has some more in-depth information about Rainbows. I found it fascinating and learnt a lot about South Africa. Then have a go at the talk challenge on page 17. I found it helpful to jot down some ideas so that I could do the super talk challenge.



Now, listen to my first attempt to speak about it.


Was my first try very good? What should be better? I got some help from Miss Balch and then had another go.


This was my second try.


Was it better? I’d love for you to send in your voice clips – I miss your cheerful voices every single day!


Reading – we are finishing Busters’ Blitz on Purple Mash. It’s an interesting story about a dog during war time. You will learn lots about the war by reading this book. The writing is quite tricky for Year 2 to read so give it a go but it’s okay if your adult needs to help you. Try to answer the questions by yourself though! Here are the questions for the last two chapters Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 in PDF if you prefer to answer them this way. Did you like the story? What was good or bad about it? What was the writing like?

PE: Sussex Virtual Games:


A huge congratulations and well done to all of those children who participated in the Sussex Virtual Games last week. After giving all the children in the school the challenge of beating St Marks,  we managed to come 15th out of 30 schools in Brighton!! Well done to every child that participated in the 4 athletics challenges, including running and speed bounce, that helped us beat St Mark's and other schools!


If you enjoyed, please have a look at this week's challenges which are all linked to the sport Boccia (a bit like Bowls).  If you didn't get the chance to do this last week, visit the Virtual Sussex Games website to sign up! https://www.activesussex.org/virtual/


Can we make it into the top 10 this time??


Well done everybody!


Mr Chick ??


Art – if you haven’t completed the Paragon Art from Monday about the Blitz have a look at that lesson as there are step by step instructions which I know you will love!


If you have finished that lesson then have a go at improving your drawing skills and create cute characters like two of my favourites, Clive the polar bear and Superhero bear!

#DrawWithRob 27 Clive

#DrawWithRob 15 Superhero Bear

Click the pictures to take you to the video which has step by step instructions. You can choose to draw whatever you like from his page and don’t forget to send them to us at homelearning@caw.brighton-hove.sch.uk


This is his Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBpgrJijMpk_pyp9uTbxLdg


Geography and Environmental Studies – this is something a little different this week. Have a look at this brilliant pack of activities all about the Amazon rainforest. This is a cheat-sheet for parents too!You will learn more about the rainforest in Year 3 so it’s a great place to start!

Computing – here is lesson 3 on how you can finish learning how to make a quiz and test out family and friends – who can get the top score?!

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