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Today we are continuing our learning on acute and obtuse angles. Can you remember what these two words mean?



First - remind yourself of angles and watch this video.


Next - have a go at this acute or obtuse angle quiz on purple mash! Can you spot what angles are acute and obtuse?


Last - complete this sheet. If that seems too tricky for you, here's the 'mild' version with the shapes already drawn! Check the clues on the first sheet. Are they drawn correctly?


*Challenge* - If you're feeling like a real learning lion then have a go at spotting the mistakes on this sheet or spotting the odd one out on this one!


Reading 22.06.20

Our class text would have been Emil and the Detectives by Erich Kastner! Here is a link to a reading of the whole novel.



First – listen to chapter 3 ( from 19:43 minutes – 27:35 minutes). Can you have a go at summarising this chapter? Remember, summarsing is describing what the chapter is mostly about!


Next – Log onto Purple Mash and click on ‘Serial Mash’. Continue looking at Diamonds, Emerald and Sapphires, thinking about your AR reading level and picking a book that looks interesting to answer questions on. You could even email me or your friends using 2Email with Purple Mash book recommendations!


Writing 22.06.20

First - Oh nooo! We've not been in school for so long that we are forgetting how to write properly! We've written an extract in a diary but we think we've made lots of mistakes! Can you be be better bees and proof read the writing? Remember, this is looking for VSM's like punctuation, silly spellings or it making sense. Then, if you're up for a challenge can you edit and improve the diary entry? You might like to add sentence starters, adverbs, prepositions, time connectives, adjectives and any other ways you can think of! 


Next - Let's practise our inverted commas punctuation! Direct speech is a great addition to any stories and really brings our characters to life! But they can be tricky to punctuate...



Have a go at this worksheet and add in the missing punctuation.


Last - complete pages 10-13 of your talk for writing booklet. Today you'll be an explorer in a jungle and will start planning your story! Think back to our rainforest writing when we wrote our amazing explorer setting descriptions. Can you magpie any fantastic ideas?


Spelling 22.06.20


As last week you came to the end of your year 3 spelling list! If you're feeling confident and like you can remember the spellings well, we want to challenge you to a spelling test! 


FIRST - Ask your grown ups to pick 10 words from this spelling list.


NEXT - Be a have a go horse at spelling the 10 questions! You could have a go at doing it like the spelling bee or just write 1-10 in your book.


LAST - Check your spellings! Don't worry if you've made mistakes - remember they're part of our learning! Can you practise the ones you got wrong or think of a way to help you remember?


If you're still being a perservering penguin and just want to continue your spelling practise in a fun way, then begin working through this sheet of spellings again!


Here are some fun ways you can practise:





Science 22.06.20

It looks like it's going to be hot this week so it seems only right to continue our learning on the sun and sun safety! 



First - take a look at this powerpoint on sun safety.


Next - can you create a poster or leaflet on how to stay safe in the sun? Take a look at these websites and pictures of ones I love for inspiration!





Last - think back to our learning on light and shadows. Can you create a sundial and see how the shadow changes each hour? Follow this sheet to complete the experiment!



Paragon 22.06.20

Renewable energy is using natural sources to create energy for us to use! We have learnt about solar energy (using the sun), tidal energy (using the water movement) and wind so far! But today we are learning about the ORIGINAL renewable energy...


Biomass Energy!



FIrst - watch this video on biomass energy. It's a funny one that makes me giggle! Why do you think I find this one funny? 


Next - research biomass energy and write some facts about it. If you're feeling creative, you could create a poster, leaflet or fact file on biomass. Or, you could just write some facts down! Here are some great websites to help with your research: - https://www.ducksters.com/science/environment/biomass_energy.php



Last - let's think about all the renewable energy sources again. Can you organise these into renewable and non renewable? You could then have a go at sorting these statements into advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy!


*Biomass challenge*



If your grown ups are happy with it and can get the resources you need, take a look at this biomass experiment! Using yeast, warm water and a balloon, you can see how the gas is formed!

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