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Monday 8th June

Happy Monday everyone!


Our Electa Live lessons are going brilliantly with loads of children getting involved and getting a chance to learn alongside their friends.


Jacob says: 


"I like the online learning as it's nice to learn in a group with my friends just like at school. I can hear my friends and talk to them in the chat and shout out the answers with the microphone." 


If you would like to take part in our Electa Live Lessons and have not yet signed up or would like to know more, please call the school office to get signed up or ask any questions.


Maths: This week is all about measuring!

Monday – Reading temperature in Celcius

First Grade - Temperature

Activity - Once you've watched the video above, have a go at this challenge:

And this link takes you to an interactive thermometer you can play with to see what different temperatures can feel like: https://www.mathsisfun.com/measure/thermometer.html


Tuesday – Applying what you know about reading temperatures in celsius


Activity – Today lets try and use what we know to draw on the temperatures on these thermometers. If you can't print you could always draw out 1 scale, or use a ruler and pretend it is a thermometer measuring temperature and not length.

Wednesday – Use number bonds to derive facts from1000. 

We can use number bond knoweldge to help some questions right up to 1000 (and beyond). For example if I know 3 + 7 = 10 then I know 993 + 7 = 1000.


Activty - The game below might be a bit tricky but don't rush, use what you know and have your best shot:





We are continuing with our Rainbows booklet.

Monday - Have a go at the vocabulary challenge on page 8

Tuesday - Page 9 gives you a reading challenge

Wednesday - Today try out the extra reading challenge set at the bottom of page 9 and continued on page 10.


Message from Miss Scozzafava: I am missing our writing lessons so much that I have decided I am also going to do the writing booklet with you! Each time we update the website I'll show you some photos of what I've done too. I'd love to hear what you think by emailing me on Purple Mash or by sending in your own versions to homelearning@caw.brighton-hove.sch.uk. Click on the small pictures to see a larger version. 


p.4 Rainbow Ideas 1 p.7 Rainbow Ideas 2 p.8 Vocabulary Challenge  p.10 Extra Reading Challenge 




You can continue to listen to 'My Secret War' on youtube

Story Time! My Secret War Diary by Flossie Albright

I've also added a reading challenge all about Dogs. Click HERE to open it. There are 2 different levels of diffuculty so have a go at the one you feel most confident with, or try both if you fancy!

Spellings: On purple mash the spelling challenge set is words ending in -el. Remember to try and practise and revise the spelling rule before doing the quiz.


Science: Let's explore how all animals have offspring (babies) and how they grow into adults. Below are a few video clips to help you explore the different ways animals grow and develop:



This is a great activity with some information and 2 quizes to try - a sorting game and a matching game:



Paragon: Children played lots of different games during WW2. They were very inventive with the resources they used and made great games from tin cans and other things we might not even consider today.


Why not have a go at playing a game of Beetle Drive - the instructions are on the sheet. It's great fun!

Maybe you could research some other popular World War 2 games. Try looking up hopscotch, four square and jump rope as a start.


Have a great few days and check back for some more challenges on Thursday!

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