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Week 1 - Thursday Home Learning - 26.03.20

Writing - 26.03.20

Think about the creature you found in your story from Monday's home learning. What did it do? What did you feed it? What did you make it a home out of?


Write a list or even challenge yourself to write sentences for each!




Maths - 26.03.20

Lets continue our learning on length for Maths this week. Now that we have measured using non-standard units, we are going to have a go measuring with rulers and cm. If you don't have a ruler at home, can you see if you can make one?

Remember to line up the object you're measuring with the 0cm on the ruler!


Reading - 26.03.20

Todays story is called 'If I had a Gryphon'. Can you see any links between this story and 'The Bog Baby'? Watch the video to see the story!



The sound we will be focusing on today is 'ee'. How many words can you think of that have ee in?

Play 'buried treasure' at https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/resources/phase/2/buried-treasure

Don't forget your free account!

Username: march20 Password: home


Paragon - 26.03.20

Now that we've practised the art skill of drawing, can you practise the skill of colouring in the lines?

Remember to hold the pencil higher up if you are in bigger spaces and you don't need to push so hard! Can you challenge yourself to change how hard you push for different shades? 

Pick one of the creatures below!

Science - 26.03.20

Here's a song to help you remember the different parts of the body!


Can you learn it and show your growns up the different body parts you know?



Computing 26.03.20

Now that we've had a practise with 'free code chimp'. I've got a challenge for you! Can you make these different scenes on 'free code chimp' yourself?

Remember to use the design button to change the background and to add in different sprites! You can code them to make them move!

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