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Year Two

We are so excited to welcome all of you to Year 2! Mr McQuillan and Ms McGann have been working hard to make sure that your return to school will be a very positive experience! 

Danielle McGann 

Goldfinches Class

In Year 2 we will become scientists, researchers, artists and much more as we discover many new topics together. This is my first year teaching at CAW, so I’m sure we will all have first day nerves but don’t worry I know Year 2 will be full of fun and laughter (and excellent learning)! You may notice my accent is a little different from yours and that’s because I’m from Ireland. I come from Galway, a seaside town just like Brighton. It may be no surprise then that I love spending my time at the beach, swimming or simply watching the waves. I also love anything to do with art, especially drawing, painting or taking photographs from my adventures around Sussex. I can’t wait for us to create some beautiful pieces of art together! 

Jamie McQuillan

Greenfinches Class

Year 2 is an amazing year where we're going to learn and grow so much! This is my first year teaching at CAW, so Year 2 is new to me too. On our first day, we can work it all out together. I love having fun with learning so our classroom is going to have lots of exciting lessons and be full of laughter (and wonderful work). I am from a place called Southampton which is also on the seaside and is a lot like Brighton.


My favourite things in the world are music and football. I love singing and listening to music as well as playing football and watching football. Our classroom is going to have lots of songs in it and I can't wait to hear your beautiful voices! 


On this page you will find all the information about the team in Year 2 and all the wonderful learning that will take place each half term.

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