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Week 2 - Thursday - 02.04.30

Writing - 02.04.30

Today we are going to create out very own creature using this game. Try it at https://switchzoo.com/zoo.htm . How many different creatures can you make? My creature is called a gorillaffe.



Once you've made your creature, can you describe what it looks like? Can you use different describing words? My gorillafe has thick, furry legs and a long, spotty neck.


Maths - 02.04.30

We are going to continue our learning about weight and mass. Don't forget how a balance scale shows us whether something is heavier or lighter! If both sides weigh the same then both of the sides of the balance scale go up and  they are in line with each other. 

Have a go at these worksheets. Remember both sides need to weigh the same for it to be in line!


Reading - 02.04.30

Purplemash have a great selection of interactive stories called 'Serial Mash'. Log onto your Purple Mash and click on Serial Mash - it looks like the button below.



Once you've got onto it, can you find the story called 'Wolf's New Friends'? Try to read Chapter 1 with your growns-ups. You could even try the quiz, jigsaw or activity!


Paragon - 02.04.30

We have done lots of learning in school about the Equator - can you remember what we learned? If a country is closer to the Equator then it has a hotter climate. If a country is further from the equator, then it has a colder climate.


Indonesia is a country that is closer to the equator. Iceland is a country that is further from the equator. Can you have a go creating a picture of each of these countries?



Science - 02.04.30

It's time for some science experiments! Have a go at these different experiments using your 5 senses - https://kidshealth.org/en/kids/experiment-main.html 



My favourites are 'catch a penny', 'no taste without saliva' and 'mystery smells'. What are yours?


Computing - 02.04.30

How did you get on being maze explorers on Monday? Did you do all 4 challenges? Well it's time to do the rest of the challenges! These are a little bit trickier so remember to put in which direction you would like to move and how many times you want to to it before you play your algorithm!



Now click on challenges 5,6,7 and 8 to have a go at them! Challenge 8 is tricky!


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