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Thursday 25th June

Hi everyone! Hope yo uare enjoying the incredible sunshine! Let's go again with our home learning! I have put some more tables in to help make it quick and easy to see and keep up with. Be sure to sign up for our Electa lessons to hear some of our wonderful teachers sharing lessons and learning with you throughout the week.




Thursday Friday

Today you can log into Electa at 9.30am learning to work with me on division

Back to mass. Today have a go at this postie game: https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/mostlyPostie/index.html

Challenge yourself to try a harder level than you did last time. Can you find things in your home you think weigh more than each parcel? Or weigh less?





Thursday   Friday

Rainbows Page 21 - 22

Today is your chance to review how you have got on with the Rainbows booklet. Try to rate your feelings and write a little summary.


Today let's focus on hand writing before diving into something new. Remember to sit up straight and get into a great writing position so it is comfortable. I've added some things to help below: 

Sheet 1

Sheet 2



Thursday Friday

Have a go at reading this story:


The Silent Owl


Can you create a story map for this story? 


Below is an example of a story map for a traditional tale:



The Silent Owl is a story which rhymes. Can you try these rhyming games?





Think about a time when you haven't felt like talking. How did you feel? What happened when you were quiet? What made you talk again? Can you write a paragraph about this?

Paragon:Let's explore rationing. Rationing was how the government limited food shopping to ensure everyone got enough food. A lot of people started growing their own food to help supplement their diets. Watch this video to learn more:

Rationing in WWII (British Homefront)

Here is a link to a load of World War two recipes: http://cookit.e2bn.org/historycookbook/index-20-world-war-2.html 

Maybe you could have a go at making something, or look at the ingredients and ask yourself:

- Would I have liked this?

- Can I think of anything similar that we eat today?



As it is super sunny at the moment, this seemed like a great opportunity to explore how we stay safe in the sun:

George The Sun Safe Superstar - AXA PPP healthcare

This is a story of how a boy became known by a very, very special name. How he spread a message, near and far, and became a Sun Safe Super Star! Featuring th...

This has an app you can download with loads of fun challenges:



Have a great weekend and stay sun safe!

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