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Maths 18.06.20

How did you get on with starting to look at turns and angles? I like this maths topic because I see angles so much in everyday life… e.g. during a football game!



Today we are looking at right angles. Right angless are 90 degrees and make an L shape:


First – count the angles and sides on this sheet. Do you know what a 7-sided shape is called? Then make a right angle checker using this sheet.


Next – use your right angle checker to prove these statements are correct then spot the right angles on this sheet and decide if these angles are smaller/greater than a right angle.


Last – feeling like a real learning lion today?Got your have-a-go-horse hat on? Click here for some more angle challenges.


Writing 18.06.20


First – let’s practise uplevelling a bit more. Choose 3 of these strange sentences to upevel – make them as silly as you can! Use this picture to help you.



Next – knowing whether to use their, there or they’re is a tricky part of writing. These words are homophones so it can be difficult to spot them as mistakes because they all sound the same! Watch this video or listen to this song to recap, then complete these sentences. This picture helps me to remember which one to use!



Last – today complete pages 7, 8 and 9 of the Talk for Writing booklet. You'll be answering some questions about the jungle text and then planning and writing your own poem!

Reading 18.06.20

Our class text would have been Emil and the Detectives by Erich Kastner! Here is a link to a reading of the whole novel.



First – listen to chapter 2 ( from 07:15 minutes – 19:43 minutes). This chapter is called ‘The Thief’. After you’ve listened, can you think of 3 other names the author could have given this chapter? Think about how Emil describes some of the other characters on the train.


Next – Log onto Purple Mash and click on ‘Serial Mash’. Continue looking at Diamonds, Emerald and Sapphires, thinking about your AR reading level and picking a book that looks interesting to answer questions on. You could even email me or your friends using 2Email with Purple Mash book recommendations!




Last – what parts of school are you missing? Listen to this funny poem by Michael Rosen called Dinner Hall. Does it remind you of our school lunch times?! 

Spelling 18.06.20

Wow! We've come to the end of the Year 3 spelling list!

The only ones left to practise are: woman/women which are....homophones!

Here are some other homophones to practise today. Challenge: can you write each one in a sentence to show their different meanings?






First - look at the word and read it. Say it out loud (try saying it a couple of times in different silly voices... this helps you remember it!).

Next - cover the word and write it.


Last - check your spelling. If you didn't get it right, here are some fun ways you can practise:



Look on Spellzone and Topmarks for online spelling games


Sir Linkalot is giving all parents and schools FREE access during lockdown.



First - download it from App Store by searching Sir Linkalot, or click this link from a laptop or PC.

Next - click on 'have an access code' and enter the word Free as both the username and password.

Last - choose a level and have a look at the videos! Some of them are funny and there are original ways of remembering VSM spellings!


Science 18.06.20

Shadow puppet time! Today you are going to get creative and can combine storytelling with Science!


First – practise making shadows with your hand using this sheet, or copy/print and cut out these 3 little pig outlines! All you need to make shadow puppets is some card, scissors, tape and some sticks!


Next – test out shadow distance and position with this sheet using your shadow puppets and a torch.



Last – can you put on a shadow puppet show? You could the 3 little pig puppets you’ve made to tell that well-known story, or write your own story! You could even film your performance and send it to homelearning@brighton-hove.sch.uk for me to see!


Paragon 18.06.20 - see Kites


A message from Mr Chick!


Sussex Virtual School Games- Can we beat St Marks's??!!!


Why not try competing against other schools, like St Mark's, in the Sussex Virtual School Games? This is a sports challenge that you can do from home and then give in your scores to see if we can do better than other schools. So far there have been hockey, tennis, football and gymnastics activities. The new challenge for this week (week beginning 1st June) is netball and basketball!


Sign up at https://www.activesussex.org/virtual/ to find out what the challenges are and to submit your scores!


Currently St Mark's are way ahead of us, as more of their school are doing the challenge and have scored more points! This week, can we all give it a go and beat them? That would make Mr Chick so happy!!


If you want to send a picture of you doing a challenge, send it to our school email address homelearning@caw.brighton-hove.sch.uk.


Good luck and thanks for representing City Academy Whitehawk so brilliantly!


Black Lives Matter protests

Recently you might have heard grown-ups talking about the Black Lives Matter Movement and the protests happening around the world. It’s important we all learn about this issue so everyone can work together to make the world a fairer place – one day you will be the grown-ups in charge! Follow this Newsround link to learn a bit more about the situation in a child-friendly way.



If you are interested, click on these links (Montgommery Bus Boycott and Greensboro Sit-ins) to learn more about anti-racist protests in history that caused the law in America to change.

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