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Reception: Robins

Early Years Autumn Update!


Wow! What an amazing start we have had to our year at school. It is brilliant to see how well the Robins have settled into life at City Academy Whitehawk. In such a short space of time, they have already shown us how eager and excited they are about their learning. It has been lovely to watch their new friendships develop and their confidence grow each day. We just know we have got a fantastic year ahead!


What have we been up to in Autumn 1?

To start off the year we have been learning about Autumn. The Robins have enjoyed exploring how our world changes around us at this time of the year. We have been taking a closer look at nature by using conkers, leaves and even pine cones in our art and play! We have also enjoyed learning more about the fruits and vegetables we eat by learning about Harvest. The children were so excited to celebrate this learning with the grown ups at our Autumn Show. We sang our favourite Harvest and Autumn songs and loved showing everyone around our nature filled classrooms! Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the wonderful Robins.


After learning how fantastic fruits and vegetables are we met the best vegetable of all, Supertato! It has been amazing having a real superhero help us with our learning. The Robins have thoroughly enjoyed helping Supertato and stopping Evil Pea from getting up to his usual tricks! Together, we solved the mystery of the tied up vegetables, the messy classroom and also made posters and investigation notes to keep Evil Pea away. It was so fun when we all got to make our own Supertatoes to take home and have our own adventures with.


As mathematicians, we have been exploring patterns and have had a go at making autumnal nature patterns. Look at some of the beautiful patterns the children have made! We have also been getting to know the numbers from one to six and practising our counting skills. The Robins have really enjoyed meeting some of the Ten Town characters and learning the songs which help us remember how to write these fantastic numbers!


What will we be getting up to in Autumn 2?

We have so much to look forward to for our next half term. Inspired by Halloween, we will be moving into our new topic, Light and Dark. Here we will be thinking about how light changes at this time of year, Bonfire Night and the Hindu festival of light, Diwali! We are lucky enough to be beginning a year long exploration of clay and will be using our new found skills to make our very own beautiful Diwali diva lamps. 


As it turns colder, we will be moving our attention to all things wintery. As scientists, we will be exploring changes with ice experiments and solving problems for our new icey superhero who will be paying us a surprise visit... We will also be having lots of fun getting into the holiday spirit by preparing for our nativity performance, our Christmas Grotto and attending a trip to choose our very own Robins' Christmas tree! We can't wait to get started!


Home Learning

If you would like to support your child with their learning at home why not take a look at some of these suggestions...


Sign up to Maths with Parents. It is fantastic online tool which children and their grown ups can use to complete homework and win lots of rewards for their very own maths monkey. Please see your class teacher if you are in need of the class code to make your account. 


MathswithParents link: https://www.mathswithparents.com


Take a look at Tapestry. Tapestry is a wonderful way of seeing what the children are getting up to at school and celebrating their achievements. We love seeing their learning at home with you and celebrating it in school so please upload any fun things you would like to share with us. We have really enjoyed seeing some of the children's home learning such as pumpkin carving, Evil Pea finding and having fun outdoors with their Supertatoes! 


Tapestry link: https://tapestryjournal.com/

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