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Online Lessons Announcement!

See post below for Monday 15th June Home Learning Update.


Online Lessons Update


Well done to Isaac, Luna, Faelan, Jacob, Jasmine and Freddie for sending in their home learning to the special email address. Also a huge well done to all the year 2s who are sending us their learning on Purple Mash. I have LOVED being able to see your learning and send you replies. I’d love to have more photos sent to the homelearning@caw.brighton-hove.sch.uk email address over the next week. Who can send more? Greenfinches or Goldfinches? 


Live Lessons - Excitingly, there is a NEW Live Lesson timetable starting today! I know you are all going to LOVE the lessons. Here are the lessons for Year 2 children. These will now form part of our website offer so please do get in touch with homelearning@caw.brighton-hove.sch.uk to get signed up. Check the CAW Live Lesson page for more information.



What to expect: The online classroom opens 15 minutes before the start time so you have time to get logged in and set up. The lesson’s teacher will have a challenge for you to get started with whilst you wait for the lesson to start. You can also use this time to say hello to your friends!


We use our microphones so you can hear the teacher and your friend’s voices but you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to. There are lots of special buttons you can press instead like a smiley face and clapping. You can write messages in the chat box too. We don’t use any video of teachers or children.


The lessons are really fun and interactive, sometimes a teacher will ask you to type an answer or make a vote, other times they will ask for hands up so that you can speak on the microphone to give your idea. Lots of teachers use videos or games that are all accessible within the Electa app.


You will have time to do challenges and answer questions during the lesson but also there is will be a ‘learning task’ set at the end of the lesson. This gives you a chance to put all your new learning into action! This is uploaded to the CAW Live Lesson page and includes the slides from the lesson. Don’t forget to send us photos of you learning at home, we miss you! ??


Top Tips:


  • Make sure you have Electa app downloaded and all your volume controls up high.
  • Regularly check the CAW Live Lesson page of the school website for new information.
  • Electa works best on a laptop, but can be used on a tablet.
  • If you have problems with hearing the teacher (and on a laptop or computer) you can run an ‘audio test’ by clicking the spanner icon in the app or you can type in the chat box and the teacher can run a remote audio check.
  • If you have problems with seeing the screen, the best thing is to log out and back into the lesson.
  • If you have any other problems, questions or suggestions ask your adult to call the school office.
  • Wearing headphones makes it easier to hear.


Simply email homelearning@caw.brighton-hove.sch.uk  with your child’s name and class to get signed up.


From Miss Scozzafava


PS - Can you spot me taking part in a sports day activity on the Latest News page? Have a look at Mr Chick's special annoucement! Good Luck!

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