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Monday 27th April

Monday again - time flies! Hopefully you're all doing well and have had a chance to enjoy the sunshine on your daily exercise. Remember, you can keep in touch with your teacher and class by using 2email on Purple Mash. You can even send me photos of your amazing home learning! 

Maths: This week we are exploring 2D shapes. Check out Maths with Parents and Purple Mash for some fun shape activities.

Also - have a look at these time games:



Writing: We are still using this new booklet to complete our writing learning. It follows a similar teaching style to what we use in class! We have separated out the activities into different days, but you can go at your own pace if you want. If you need a paper copy of this booklet, please call the office.


Monday Tuesday        Wednesday     
Get creative and make a Magic Box Write a magic box poem          Evaluation and Read Pandora's Box
p.16 p.17 - 18 p.19 - 23




Reading: Continue to read your books from home and complete another Reading Bingo activity. Can you do them all? If you want more to read, explore the Serial Mash section of Purple Mash where you can find e-books and activities. 

Spellings: This week you have been set Y2 AUT2 W4 which is all about the spelling of words ending with tion.

Science: We are still exploring plants and how they grow this week. Follow this link for a selection of games and activities all connected to learning about how plants grow, the names for different plant parts and the life cycle of plants: 


Book of the week: Jim and the Beanstalk


Paragon: This term is all about Victorians. Which home learning activity will you do? Victorian handwriting? Quill making? Or what about making your own Victorian toys to play with?

The link below lets you explore victorian games and there are some fun games too:


Here are some of my favourite ever videos about the victorians:


Silly names: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiqY8YK_7pw



Book of the week: Oliver Twist - an absolute classic story!


Good luck with all your challenges, remember to use 2email if you want to and you can alsways send us photos of what you've been up to! Be kind and wash your hands!

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