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Monday 15th June

Good morning Green and Goldfinches! It’s another week of exciting home learning challenges. ??


Maths: See the post above about Miss Stile’s super maths lessons online for this week’s Tuesday and Thursday lessons.


The rest of the week we are looking at measuring length


Monday – Can you measure accurately with a ruler? Use this website to have a go. Level 2 has some objects that are not exact centimetres. Another way to write a half is .5 so if I had 4 and a half apples, I could say I have 4.5 apples. If I had 10 and a half crayons, I could say I had 10.5 crayons. The same can be used for measurements. If my book measured 13 and a half centimetres, I could also write it as 13.5cm!





Tuesday – Miss Stiles Lesson on Multiplication. Sign up to Electa using the homelearning email address to do this.


If you can’t access this lesson use this website to learn a times table. By the end of Year 2 children should be able to count in 2s, 5s, 3s and 10s and also be able to recall times table facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times table. Choose a times table you are not confident with and practise, practise, practise! https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button (Hint: Hit the answer is slightly easier than hit the question)


Wednesday -  Practise reading a ruler using the game from Monday. If you didn’t have a go at Level 2 do that today. Now it’s time for you to go exploring around your home to complete this Measurement Scavenger Hunt! Good Luck and remember to give the measurement exactly to 0.5cm so if it’s in between 10 and 11cm it will be 10.5cm or 10 and a half cm.



Monday – Today is the day you can write your explanation text! Use your plan and the Writing Challenge Help Sheet on p.13 to complete your piece of writing. This will take 2 days. Today you need to write out the Title, Introduction and 1st Fact With Some Detail. Make sure you spend some time in editor mode! Put on your editing hat and pick up a purple pen and see what you can improve. Have you remembered all your capital letters and full stops? Have you got enough detail? Can you stretch your sentences using because, also, although, and, so, or and but? Have you drawn a diagram or added a picture to help the reader understand?


Tuesday – Today you are finishing your explanation text. Follow the same process as yesterday and complete your 2nd Fact With Some Detail section and your Fascinating Facts section. If you want a challenge you could add some diagrams or an extra Fact With Some Detail section. Remember to put your editing hat on!

Wednesday – Today is a good chance to pause and practice your handwriting. This is how you sit properly at your chair and table to have good handwriting.

Look at this video which shows you about good pencil grip, at the end there is a trick of how to pick up your pencil so that it is in the right position.

Correct Pencil Grip

Here are some sheets to practise your handwriting. If you are not yet joining click here, here and here, if you are joining your writing click herehere or here for different sheets. You don’t have to do all 3.

Now, write out your explanation text in neat (or just one part of it if it is long). Try really hard to form your letters properly, remember you can start to earn your pen license in Year 3!


Don’t forget to send your completed piece of writing to homelearning@caw.brighton-hove.sch.uk !


Reading – we are continuing to read Busters’ Blitz on Purple Mash. It’s an interesting story about a dog during war time. You will learn lots about the war by reading this book. The writing is quite tricky for Year 2 to read so give it a go but it’s okay if your adult needs to help you. Try to answer the questions by yourself though! Here are the questions for Chapter 3Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 in PDF if you prefer to answer them this way.

Paragon and Art


You’ve learnt lots about the war so far and we are focusing this week on what the Blitz would have looked like. You learnt about it a few weeks ago with some links and we’ve been hearing all about it through our reading. Here is a video if you need some more information

The Blitz (1940-41)

Most of the photos from the War are in black and white but there are many paintings that show what the Blitz would have been like, like these ones:

You will be able to follow this lesson to create your own piece of art that will look similar to this.


Science: Last week we learnt about food groups and which foods we should eat to stay healthy. This week we are thinking about what exercise we can do to stay healthy. Have a go at this lesson, learning all about heart rate!
Computing – Follow this lesson to learn how to make a quiz of your own! You can choose any topic you would like. I can’t wait to have a go and see how many points I can get.

From Miss Scozzafava xxxx

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