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Autumn 1 in Jackdaws!

Autumn 1 in Jackdaws!


Jackdaw class have had a great start to year four and have really enjoyed our writing lessons all about dragons. We started the year by finding a mysterious dragon egg in the tooth and claw store and we had to tell Mr Church what we felt was the best thing to do with it. Luckily, it was dealt with safely and no harm came to anybody at school. We carried on our dragon work by writing our own stories about dragons and we made a book named "A deadly dragon guide" with lots of reports about different dragons inside.


In our maths work we have focused on place value and we did some great work looking at how to read large numbers and what each digit is worth. We really enjoyed making our display all about different codes to unlock some padlocks. Come and see if you can solve the codes outside our classroom. We have been working really hard on our maths passports and 11 of us have achieved our first passport. We were the first in the school to get the new certificates and are really proud of ourselves.


Our Paragon learning has been the Indus Valley.  We  have discussed what culture means, and looked at why it is important to understand other cultures beliefs and rituals.  We had fun acting out cultures meeting who had differing beliefs about raisins.  It led to some great misunderstandings and even a declaration of war.   We explored the Indus Cities and found out some interesting facts, they had toilets 4,000 years ago, their cities were well planned with wide straight streets, brick buildings and sewer systems.  We designed our own cities after thinking about the important things we would need to include.  We learnt about the types of jobs people would have had and what skills they would have needed to do them.  We created job adverts for some of these.  It was fun thinking about how people may have been paid.   Salaries ranged from a chicken right up to two elephants!

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