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Welcome to the new school year in Year 4!

Year 4


As the new teachers for Year 4, Miss Gayle (Jackdaws) and Miss Scott (Magpies), we are ecstatic to embrace the new Year 4 curriculum.


In Paragon for this half-term, we will be learning about the Ancient World, focusing on India and its cultures. Our learning will stem from our key question ‘how does culture flow from a river?’. In Science, we will also be investigating habitats, including rivers to provide opportunities for cross-curricular learning. However, cross-curricular learning does not stop there, the text we will be reading is The Firework Maker’s Daughter, which is set in ancient times.


Throughout the year in Writing, we will be focusing on Kennings poetry, narrative texts linking to our various paragon topics and explanation non-fiction writing. We will continue to develop the children’s mathematical fluency in Maths Meetings and Maths lessons.

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