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Week 4 - Monday Home Learning - 27.04.20

Writing - 27.04.20

For writing this week, you are going to pick your own animal to write about.

________, _______, how do you do?  What are you hiding in front of you?

________, _________, sitting in the tree. I can hear you laughing loudly at me.



Maths - 27.04.20

We are going to continue our learning on the numbers from 50 to 100 and beyond. Remembering the numbers up to 100 is much easier when we know how to represent their 'tens' and 'ones'.

This week you are going to use your number bonds to 10 to help you work out your number bonds to 100. 

For the first sheet your going to count in 10s to work out how many objects there are altogether. 

Next sheet, you can use your number bonds to 10 knowledge to work out the number bonds to 100 in 10s only. 

If you want to really challenge yourself, try and make a 100 with any other numbers in the 100s square. 



Reading - 27.04.20

This week our story is about the seasons. The book is called ' A song for all the seasons'.



Listen to the story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCdCTKxZNRQ

Answer these questions:

What grew and run in summer? 

What falls as the cold winds blows?

How was spring discribed? 


Paragon - 27.04.20

Now that we have learned where Australia is on a map and about the region called The Outback. We are going to look at The Great Barrier Reef. Listen and watch this to explore The Great Barrier Reef: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2BKd5e15Jc



The Great Barrier Reef is full of all sorts of marine wildlife such as different types of fish and mammals. See if you can draw a picture of The Great Barrier Reef and maybe add some coral, rocks and seaweed.



Science - 27.04.20

This week you are going to focus on the weather. I would like you to keep track and record the weather every day. 

Remember all your weather options below and  you can use the sheet to keep track of the weather. 


Computing - 27.04.20

Now that you've explored the program '2calculate'. We are going to be counting and sorting animals! I have sent you all a 2do to start counting and sorting animals. 

Once you have opened 2calculate, read the questions: 

How many animals are there?

How many are grey?

How many are brown?

How many are multicoloured?

How many are mammals?

Click on a images of the animals and move them to the purple side, when you are grouping and sorting the animals to answer the questions.  



If you fancy a challenge, I will add counting in 10s using by moving the hands from one side to the other. Image below to help. 


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