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Bike to Nature

Time for some positive news!


Year 4 have worked extremly hard to improve their bike ability skills. Since December, they have been working with Sustrans - a charity that makes it easier for people to walk and cycle, in a project called Bike to Nature. Our end goal was for pupils to understand how to cycle safely from our school to the beach.


On the 16th and 18th of March, the two classes class set off on seperate days from school to Ovingdean Beach. All children demonstrated excellent listening skills as we pushed our bikes down Whitehawk Road to the seafront. We then cycled along the undercliff to the beach. When we arrived at the beach we were greeted by a member of Sussex Wildlife Trust who led some exciting activities on the beach, including crabbing in rock pools, building shelters and a beach clean! Children enjoyed eating their lunch on the beach! Before we left to return to school, a member of the public commented on the excellent behaviour of the pupils whilst they were on the beach. 


It was wonderful to see pupils demonstrating their resilience, as some struggled to ride a bike at all at the start of the project! Every child who attended the trips came away with a clear understanding of the importance of safety whilst cycling and every child made huge progress in their biking abilities!


A big thank you to Lucy Dance from Sustrans for running the project - it was a wonderful opportunity for all pupils and they thoroughly enjoyed the trip!

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