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June 2019

In Year 4 this term, we have had the opportunity to take part in lots of different and exciting learning activities including Arts Week! This year’s Arts Week theme was Plastic VS Planet and the skill we focused on was painting. Pupils worked really hard to improve their painting skills. Throughout the week pupils practised mixing colours in order to show light and dark tones, painting on textures and creating markings and effects using recycled materials such as toothbrushes and straws. Our final product was an ocean mosaic created using each child’s individual painting.


In Paragon, we’ve been learning about WW1, we were lucky enough to attend a role-play session at Preston Manor. During this session, pupils acted as children in WW1 and completed jobs for Lady Elizabeth Stanford in her manor house, whilst all of her servants were in France serving in the war. Pupils made packages for soldiers in the trenches, wrote letters to injured soldiers in the Royal Pavilion hospital, folded clothes, shined cutlery and made nurses uniforms and bunting.

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