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Monday 11th May

Hello Lovely Year 2! 


I hope you have had a brilliant weekend and have made the most of the sunshine from your windows, balconies, gardens or walks. 


Here are your challenges for the next few days. Remember, you can let us know how you have got on by emailing us on Purple Mash and if you need any help you can call the school office.


Maths:  We noticed that lots of children were finding symmetry tricky so we've planned out some more learning on this. 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday 
Use this power point (also saved as a PDF) to learn more about symmetry Get a piece of paper and draw a symmetrical object, like a butterfly. Fold it half down the middle. Paint a pattern on one side of one half. Fold the paper and see what pattern it imprints on the other side. 

 Go outside and see what things in nature you can find that have lines of symmetry. Use this link for more information 


Challenges: peg board colouring and sorting

Challenge: symmetry artwork 

or symmetry finger painting 

Challenge: Nature Symmetry Hunt. Take photos of objects in nature and test if it is symmetrical by using a mirror. How many lines of symmetry can you find on each object?




We have separated out the activities into different days, but you can go at your own pace if you want. If you need a paper copy of this booklet, please call the office.

You've been working so hard on the Elves and the shoemaker writing challenges. Did you remember the story from our Christmas show? That was such good fun wasn't it! For the next week this page (p.14) is going to be so important. It's really going to help you write your own elf story! 






First, spend some time looking over everything you have done so far in the booklet. Make sure you read the story again (you can also listen to it). 

Next, look carefully at the planning information, story mountain and the questions. Who are your elves going to be? Who are they going to help? Is anything going to get in their way? 

Last, plan out your story. Ask adults or older siblings for ideas or interesting words you could use to describe each character. 

Now, using your brilliant planning, write your first paragraph. Remember to check it for capital letters, full stops, commas in a list, handwriting and spellings. You could use a Purple Pen! 

Today it's time to write your second paragraph. Make sure you read what you did yesterday and make sure to use your plan. 


p.14/your planning

p.14/your planning


Reading: As we are learning about Victorians we thought it would be good to practice our comprehension skills using a story set in Victorian times. Luckily, there is one on Purple Mash called Ollie and the Great Stink! You can find it by searching for it but it will also be set as a 2do. After each chapter there will be a quiz. You can do it on Purple Mash or use the PDFs here for Chapter 1Chapter 2 and Chapter 3It is a tricky book aimed at slightly older children so please do help your children read and answer the questions. 



Spellings: This week we are changing the spellings learning as you are getting really good at the spelling quizzes on Purple Mash and thought you are ready for a new challenge. This website has some brilliant videos on helping you remember different spelling patterns. For the next three days your challenge is learn the first set of homophones (those are words that sound the same but are spelt differently). To log in, go to www.sirlinkalot.org and use the username free and password free. Find Pear Poe and watch the videos for the words. You can also go direct with this link https://app.sirlinkalot.org/?article=page-1895&edition=com.sirlinkalot.0022 We would recommend you practice saying the link ideas out loud and drawing and writing them down. You will have a special challenge on Thursday linked to these spelling words. 


Science: This week we are learning about the life cycle of a seed. It's really important to understand that a plant's life cycle goes around in a circle and it is a continuous process, that's how new plants grow! 

Watch these videos to learn more about plant life cycles. Click on the images for links to the videos. 

Apple life cycle

Plant Life Cycle | Kids Book Read Aloud | Read Aloud by krowe4kids

BBC Bitesize - The Life Cycle of Plants

Your challenge is to learn the order of a seed's life cycle. Use these cards to print and order, can you complete it correctly with the version without numbers? If you don't have a printer you can draw these yourself. There are lots of ideas of how to use these cards too on the document. 


Book of the week: Bonkers for Beetroot. This is a funny book all about growing a beetroot! 

"Bonkers About Beetroot" by Cath Jones

The zoo animals are worried about their home being closed! They come up with a cunning plan to entice people to come to see them! What bonkers things will ha...

Paragon: This term is all about Victorians. Which home learning activity will you do? Victorian handwriting? Quill making? Or what about making your own Victorian toys to play with?

Film of the week: Magic Grandad - The Beach. This week instead of a book we've got a special film for you to watch. What can you learn about beaches in Victorian times? Are they similar or different to beaches today? 

Computing - Online Saftey. Now that we are spending more time online during lockdown, it is more important than ever to be staying safe online. There has been an online saftey quiz set on Purple Mash. Please complete this with your child to help discuss how to be safe whilst using the internet. We hope they impress you with their knowledge so far! 

There is a lot to keep you busy and learning for the next few days. Don't forget to email us on Purple Mash to let us know how you are getting on! We miss seeing you in school lots and can't wait to have you back at school as soon as it is safe. Keep smiling and keep washing those hands!

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